Thursday, April 30, 2009

WOW! Hanlin's 5th birthday today! So exciting for him! He has never had a "birthday party" before so he was beyond excited all day today. He went around all day singing.. "Happy Birthday to Hanlin.." too cute
He asked for Flip-Flops "like my sister" and a bike helmet. He said he wanted as many shoes as Lily.. yeah right, good luck with that one big guy! LOL

I got an e-mail from his foster family in China today, saying that they were thinking about him, and were also going to celebrate his birthday. Keeping with tradition, they had noodles in his honor, to symbolize long life. So for supper, we did too!

He wanted everything fireman or as Hanlin says "Pompier" ( gotta love french school!)
So we had fireman balloons, hats, plates, napkins and even a makeshift fire house/construction cake!! I'll have to blog about the cake later! It was a riot trying to draw a fire house with frosting.. anyway.. more about that later..

I think he had a good time... no actually, I know he had a blast!! He was so excited, jumping and playing and good god... talking NON STOP!! WOW That kid can talk!! He doesn't stop..ever.. I thought no one could ever talk more than Isabelle... well I was wrong! He even exhausts her!! LOL
and buying his presents... what an experience.. you should of seen me trying to hide his presents from him.. HOLY EAGLE EYES!!
I'm sure I am now flagged at Wal-mart, as I slinked around with flip flops in my hands, trying to hide them behind my purse, to get to the cashier with Hanlin shouting.."what's that mommy??" "what you have??" "That fip-fop???" MOMMY??? MOMMY??? What's that????"

SIGH........ I know I am now exhausted, the cake looks like it caught fire, balloons are floating all around me, and he is asleep with bright pink lips and teeth!! (do you have any idea how much red food coloring it takes to make fire engine red??? A LOT!!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The girls went to Sydney NS this weekend for the Atlantic Gymnastics Competition.
They both did wonderfully!! Isabelle placed 2nd on Beam!! Abigail placed 5th on Vault and Beam and 6th on Bars and placed 5th overall!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OOoh the joys of having a brother!!

We taped this driving home from SJ after the Easter Weekend. She had been staring at his open mouth for quite a while then she decided to close his mouth! I just happened to have the video case at my feet!!
Tears were rolling down our eyes... and the poor soul, stayed fast asleep! Actually at the end you think he wakes up and smiles, but he actually fell back asleep once she let go of his mouth!!
ohh fun times...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We lost a wonderful man on Saturday..
My father in law!

He came with us to China when we adopted Lily and he was so happy when we went back to adopt Hanlin! He knew he was sick, and didn't have much more time with us, but he made a goal for himself to be around when we came home from China in September. He beat that goal and had many more months with us and for that we are very thankful.

we'll miss him dearly