Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alrighty!!!   We are now Wednesday morning here in China, 6:30am!  ouch!  I just can't sleep today.
No worries though I feel well rested.  Every day we get up, and pull back the curtains hoping to have the sun shine in our eyes....but....nope, nothing but a thick grey smog!  YUM!
The orphanage visits have been very good!  What a huge change since last year.
Last year we were ready to pull out and go to another orphanage that wanted to work with us, not tie the kids down, not leave them with minimal toys or stimulation!
This year!! WOW!!
They want advice, they want to have conversations, they have changed!  Everyone is so happier, the children run around freely, playing with lots of toys in 2 beautiful bright rooms.  Our goal now is to get strollers for the summer and 2 walkers / wheelchairs.
We have a meeting today with the Head of the nannies, the Director and our room manager to discuss things.   Compared to last year, our "changes" we would like to see are so minimal.. things like hand washing after changing the baby, setting up a changing station, cleaning the toys every night..
When we walk into the room, the toddlers look up and start shouting ni hao and smiling and waving and run right up into our arms laughing!

There is a huge shopping center here with hundreds of stores, but it's like dresses, shirts, shoes, coats, and it all fits me!  lol (I am a large here)!  lol
No name brands or anything.  Not till Beijing on Saturday!

For now I leave you with this wonderful t-shirt we found in Walmart!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ohh  I want to win a copy of this book by Kay Bratt!!! 

A Thread Unbroken  

I wish I knew how to put a picture with a link here.... 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Long time no post!!

WOW, way too long since I've blogged!!  Darn you FB!

I'm heading off to China again for another trip to XinXiang Henan China, to our Gracie's Room Program there.
I'm hoping to see the children in much better conditions than the last time few times we were there.
They've moved into a nice bright and new building and we have 2 big beautiful rooms for our program which is now running 24hours a day!!

My incredible friends and family have once again been so generous and I've been given lots of donations to take with me for the babies, and the nannies!

I'll be updating this blog whenever I can, so stay tuned to keep updated!