Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My sister and my neighbor call Frank, "Saint Frank" because of his personality, and patience (and willingness to put up with me)!

We took Hanlin out skating over the Christmas break, this was his first time on skates! He just stood there, pouting, not willing to move. Frank kept trying to coax him to move his feet just a little (he was only standing about 10 inches away from him) and Hanlin would shake his head NO vigorously, pout then look at me...
After a few minutes of this, my patience was done... I looked at him, and sternly but also reassuringly said.. "Go see your father!!" He looked over at Frank, wiggled his feet, and moved over to Frank!! As soon as he reached his Dad, he smiled like crazy, he was soo excited and proud! We all jumped around for him, and then he was off on his own from then on..

Lily on the other hand... hopped onto the ice, looked around at everyone skating by and promptly fell to the ice, laid flat on her belly and proceeded to take a hissy fit!! Once I got her back up onto her feet, she explained to me that she "wanted to go as fast as everyone else right NOW"!! and was mad she couldn't!!

On another Saint Frank note...
The 2 older girls and I went to PEI this past weekend. The girls had a gym comp there.
Frank took Friday off work, and after preschool he took both of the little ones downhill skiing!!
***Crazy Fool***
Then on Saturday he walked downtown and took them both skating in the square and to the market.
***Crazy Fool***
Then on Sunday he took them sledding, pulling them both, back up the crazy steep hill after sledding down..
***Crazy Fool***

oh ok, maybe he is Saint Frank..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This little guy is growing up soo fast! He has grown about 2 inches!
His language is truly amazing!
The one word were having "problems" with is "noodles". For some reason he thinks meat is called a noodle. So he'll ask for more meat.. he say more noodle..
It's quite cute!
He's also a big thumb sucker! (check out his teeth in the bottom picture). But the dentist said as long as he breaks the habit when his permanent teeth come in, he'll be fine. However, his thumb is taking quite a beating.. I've managed to get him to cut back on the 24 hour/7 days a week thumb sucking, and now he knows his thumb is for bedtime, or quiet time or falling asleep riding in the car. I'm guessing its about 50% less than he was, but this cold cold weather, wet thumb, dry skin.. boy, it looks like a dehydrated prune! I've been loading on the moisturizer, but he'll suck his thumb moisturizer and all... lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is this an addiction??

Oh, on a completely different topic... I saw on someones blog.. (don't ask, can't remember) that they bought a birthday candle from China off E-Bay. I looked for some while we were there, but had no luck. So my question...
Does any one know where I can buy those really neat birthday candles, that look like a flower and even open up once lit?
I didn't see any on E-Bay.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I hit the jackpot with these 2 incredible girls!! I can't tell you just how lucky I am and how much I am truly in love with them!
Ok, yes, they are washing my floors in this picture... but I didn't make them!! They volunteered! Can you imagine! Of course, who was I to say no?
Honestly though, they help me out so much! I never have to ask. They are kind, sweet and loving girls!
They help put the little ones to bed, they help with cleaning.. and now once a week, they are making supper and dessert!
This past Wednesday we had Spaghetti and Meatballs that Abigail made and for dessert we had Rocky road brownies by Isabelle!! (I'll have to copy the recipe out for you, they're incredible!! and soo easy and fast!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009