Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This afternoon, I went into the basement and took out a bunch of toys the kids haven't seen in a while. ( I try to rotate toys)
So today, I pulled out all the Fisher Price barn, airport, circus, etc.. Honestly it looks like a Fisher Price commercial!
Well, they've been playing for over 2 hours with it, no fighting, just playing, sharing.. So I've been in the kitchen getting supper ready, having a drink of tea and reading a few pages of my book.

I head Hanlin shout something to me...I couldn't quite hear him so went into the playroom where he was sitting amongst a zillion toys... and asked him to repeat himself.

He replied:

"Thank you for all the toys mommy" "I wove you"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my day, actually the last 3 hours of my day.............

Lily spent the day screaming

at everyone, for one reason or another... either Hanlin was touching her dump truck, or walked in "her" puddle, or her sister was sitting in the chair that was meant for pooh bear... At supper she actually put her hand up at me and said... "I can't hear you" .


Just before supper, they were outside playing in the puddles.. lots of fun... but Hanlin would take a shovel full of mud water and slowly lift it over Lily's head as she was playing and then dump it in his dump truck... he could of taken a different route to the dump truck... but noo...over the sister's head was too much fun as it got a rise (aka scream) out of her everytime... UNTIL... she decided that it was one time too many, took a shovel FULL of mud water and purposely dumped it over his head...

He was NOT too happy, but he did stop lifting the shovel over her head!
then as I was putting screaming girl into bed, and giving Hanlin a shower (to wash the rocks out of his hair) at the same time, I asked the girls to wash and dry the supper dishes, suddenly I hear squealing and laughter and see Isabelle running upstairs for sanctuary.

Her sister decided to tape her up!!

she actually had to make herself "look mad" for the picture. She thought it was actually quite funny.
sigh........ thankfully the dishes did get done before the taping started......

and how can I be angry at these 2 little devils???
all showered and rock free!!!!!

All happy (after the exorcism) (and apologizing to the whole family) and ready for sleep..

Now for me????
I'm ready for this:
nice, smooth, warm and calming........4 Copas Tequila, and organic to boot!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My kids EAT! A LOT!

It seems like I can never fill them, right now it is Abigail and Lily....They can eat an omelet, 30 mins before supper..and still eat a full supper!!
so last week after groceries I thought I would take a picture of all the fruit I bought and take pictures of it throughout the week. Fruit is a very popular item in my house, and they can have it whenever they want. I leave it out on the table, all washed and ready to eat.

DAY 1After a 360$ grocery order.. this doesn't include all the veggies either..

Day 3 Lots gone.. but not too bad...

Day 6... Time to get the groceries.......... sigh..............

Thursday, March 12, 2009


WOW, this week has been a crazy one!! Out everyday, meetings, errands..etc.. I'll be happy when the weekend rolls around for some "quiet time".
We've been so busy that we haven't sat down for a supper all week, which is very rare for us. We always have a sit down supper, even if its at 8pm!!
Tonight is better and we'll all be home early for a good roast beef supper!!

Frank is off to Florida tomorrow morning to be with his dad. He is in congestive heart failure and we're trying to get him back to Canada somehow.

I took the little ones skating today, and I actually put on skates for the first time in years!!
OW!! My feet were aching after 10mins, but I didn't fall!! The kids love to skate, although Hanlin spends a lot of time rolling on the ice instead of skating! lol and Lily is bound and determined to "skate fast" and "turn".. thank god for helmets!
Speaking of helmets... That Hanlin has a big head for a young kid! The regular hockey helmet we have hurts his head. ( we have to squish his head into it!) lol So today I tried on Frank's skiing helmet on him, and with a hat, it fit perfect!! Adult size Large! HOLY COW!!

****NOPE... NO pictures.....***** NO ONE wants to see me wobbling around like a fool!*****

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterday, I decided to clean out my kitchen cupboards and re-arrange everything....

while I was busy... my 2 little devils decided to do some re-arranging of their own..........
Their Bedroom:

Every picture, tack, magnetic, and even frame for the magnetic board was pulled off of the wall.
It was somewhat comical, as it was an even height all around the room, as far as their hands could reach! They even emptied their special shelves where they put all their special special toys.
They also emptied the huge toy bucket into Lily's bed, the full train track, trains, people and trees and all... everything turned upside down! The doll house was turned around and pushed against the door.
once we pushed our way into the room, they were hiding under the beds! (go figure), but not worried, they were laughing, they said they "cleaned up the room", because Abigail was cleaning her room to get ready for a sleepover with her friends! So they wanted to do the same thing...
yeah right....

As "punishment" everything that they dumped or pulled off the wall, went into storage.
The room is now empty, train table gone.. magnetics gone...doll house gone...Cd player gone..

After pictures....

I just don't understand what they were thinking...
although I know what they are thinking now...


Haaaa.... I'll admit, when I first walked into the room, I had to walk right out, and hide in Abigail's I was laughing my head off!! I don't know why it struck me so funny, thank god it did, as I could of completely lost it!
(Maggie... Lunatic Baboon Mother comes to mind!) LOL

But, on a positive note.. It's much much easier to clean!!!!


Guess who won??????