Tuesday, October 28, 2008

With my backyard filled with leaves, we took advantage of them last week to do some crafts.
The kids had fun collecting and pasting the leaves onto a big tree I cut out for them. I managed to collect a few extra and have them pressed in some recipe books for later crafting. Smart move, as today is it pouring out!!

All 4 of the kids have colds, runny nose, coughing etc.. Tis the season I guess.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dearest Krista,

In January when I had marked all the dates on my calendar, in small print I had printed your Mom’s name above the 24th because I didn’t want to let the date slip by and not let you know that I think of your Mom often and when I do I most always have a smile because she could make me laugh and I so love to laugh- you do that for me too!!

Your Mom lives on in our hearts- a lady of strength …yet a lady of gentleness.

I bet she watched over her girls while in China and was pleased to see the three of you share such an awesome experience.

Just know I am thinking of you – and all who were so near and dear to Abby Loiser

Love Louise

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well, things are going a bit smoother! Although yesterday morning left a little bit to be desired!
But all in all, good.

Both kids have come leaps and bounds considering everything that has been thrown at them.
Lily is trying to use her words more when she is overwhelmed, instead of screaming, and Hanlin is learning to give her space. We still have our moments!! LOL Who doesn't !

I've started a sticker chart, and it seems to be working.... I think Halin has gotten the idea of it more so than Lily! He has his eye on the prize!!
Obviously, I know it is not going to be rainbows and roses, it isn't for any of my kids... they fight, they play, they have fun, they have tears! But I know they all love one another, and have a great respect for each other.

Here is a quick photo page from last weekend, at my Dad's place !

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!
no, really, beyond exhausted...........

These 2 little devils have managed to suck the life out of me today!!!!!!! I hate that, I started the day thinking, what a wonderful day..
yeah right.....

we had breakfast together, laughing, I went upstairs, smiling thinking of all the things I could do with the kids today. Maybe I could take paint out, then gymnastics at 12:30pm, and then out for lunch!! FUN FUN FUN.

yeah right......

Well, I got out of my 15 second shower, dressed and called out to the kids... "Lily..what are you guys doing?" Lily says "watching TV and reading books" awwwww... man those 2 are wonderful. yeah right.....
I decide to go ahead and take the time to dry my hair since they are being so good. It takes me all of 2 mins.
I make my way downstairs to the playroom and I almost faint when I eyes fall upon the playroom!!!!!!

They even CLIMBED the toy rack to get at the things on the very top, things that take me 2 hands to carry!!!
Every square inch of that whole room was covered with toys, and books and chalk actually, it had toys on top of toys on top of toys from one end to the other.
Now, you have to realize something, I taught preschool in that same room for years. So I have toys and books, crayons and markers and paper for a preschool. Lets just say A LOT of stuff.

Ohhh I LOST IT!!!!! I almost cried! But I think what made it worst, was as I was loosing it waving arms, yelling, the little DEVILS laughed! They thought Mommy was being funny!
(I suppose I did look funny to them) but I didn't find it funny.

It took me 3 hours to clean it up. They HAD to help, but after 5 mins lost the point of it. I took 90% of the toys, and books, and sent them all to the basement. The only toys I left in the room are a small bin of people, small bin of cars, the kitchen center and the food, and 4 little stuffed animals.
I then sectioned off the room in 2, one half with the couch and the TV, the other with the toys.
I put the big preschool table across the room, as my divider and now, toys are no longer allowed out of the room or over to the TV side.
I think they kind of got the point when they came back in from outside, and the room was cleaned out, and when they tried to run around with toys out of the room, and I wouldn't let them. They stood by the door, with toys in their hands for minutes at a time...

They used to be able to run around the rooms and into the kitchen with their shopping carts!
NO MORE!! Everything stays in the little section I gave them!!
at least until I cool down!

Here is a pic, from this summer, to give an example of the room. The first one I there were at least 10 moms, and 12 kids, and the room still in good shape!

NOW, Here it is TODAY!!!!

Here is the nice book holder that Frank made, now empty! Looks sad doesn't it.
From what I can figure, they climbed it to get to the books on top.

and here is the steel book holder, in the playroom, now filled with board books or coloring books only.

At least they weren't fighting while doing this! Does that mean progress???

Sigh........ I'm going to bed........

Abigail is soo terrific with the little ones! She'll play with them, hours at a time! She really knows how to keep them entertained.
she comes up with all sorts of games for them to do. Yesterday she played in the leaves for a good hour with them. Letting them throw leaves on her or she would rake all the leaves in a big pile over and over again so the little ones could jump in it!
Tonight, she and Isabelle taught them little "dance moves" and came out to doing little dance routines all 4 of them in a line!
When we were in China, all the little ones would flock to her, be it on the bus or on a tour!
She is one special girl!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tuesday was Lily's 4th birthday, however, she was a real grump all day and I flat our refused to celebrate her birthday with such a grump!! So instead, we celebrated yesterday, when she was in a much better mood. Anyway, it all worked out as Wednesday fell between her birthday and her Forever Family day (today) and plus, the older girls didn't have gym.
So Hanlin and Lily helped me bake her cake! They had a ball, and got to lick the bowl and beater! A first for Hanlin I'm sure! He didn't quite understand at first, but quickly got the hang of it after watching Lily for about 2 seconds! lol Then he kept asking for more batter!!

Lily was soo excited for her presents! Her reaction to each one was a riot! She gasped, roared, and just laughed out loud!!

Hanlin has been getting better and better at using a fork and spoon. Yes, he has moved up from just a spoon! But sometimes with things he is unfamiliar with or if he forgets he is holding a utensil in his hand, he'll regress and use his ...mouth... here's a little example!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alright.... I know I am supposed to be updating more often... I have no excuse!
I like to post my pictures using Fotofusion, but since I have been away from it for a while, it is taking me longer to get used to using it again!
So here is a quick page of Lily playing in what was supposed to be "hurricane Kyle"..yeah right....
Both kids were soaked to the bones, but had a blast! I don't think Hanlin was too sure what t o do at first, but quickly got the hang of it! LOL

On another note... Hanlin started preschool today with Lily! Last week Lily started back on her own first. For a couple of reasons..
1. I think she needed a little "space" from her brother!
2. I wanted her to be comfortable in the preschool on her own before starting Hanlin.

So Mon, Wed and Fri last week, I took Lily, (with Hanlin tagging along of course), he watched as I dropped her off, got her settled in the school, even stayed for the morning song once. Then he and I would come back home, or run some errands, then back in 2.5 hours to get Lily.
He watched as she came out smiling and running to me, or as she played in the play ground.
But he always stayed close to me, not wanting to join in quite yet....but you could see the curiosity in his eyes.
On Sunday, I took him to the Chinese school to have someone translate what would be happening today. He seemed to understand and smiled when she told him about school and playing and painting...
So when it was his turn today to go to the school, with HIS backpack filled with his snack.. he was very excited!!
He ran into the school, without looking back!! I had to run after both of them for a kiss goodbye!! LOL
WOW, I didn't think it would be so easy!! I managed to get in a full grocery order, coffee and a muffin and even Lily's b-day present! Perfect!

Although my day didn't start soo perfect! I locked my keys in the truck at some point last night, and didn't notice till we were leaving for preschool. So... a tow truck, a lock jimmy/shimmy thing and a $45.20 receipt made out to Krista "dumb ass" D... and we were on our way! grrrrrrr