Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CBC Interview tonight 6pm

WOW, I got a call from Steve (I think that was his name) at the CBC asking if I was willing to do a quick interview about a proposed agency that the NB government is setting up. This would be a non profit social service agency to help with pre and post placement issuses. Well, I got the call at 1pm, and in under an hour...I had the kitchen (don't look in my oven) and playroom cleaned, changed into something more suitable than sweats, woke that baby up, (god forbid you talk about china adoption with the chinese baby), did some research (b/c I have never heard of this) and was ready for the interview!! Whew.......I need a drink!!! I hope I don't look like an ass!!!! I bet my bra strap was showing the whole time!!

Isabelle (who is home with an ear / eye infection) helped out!
She helped clean up, and she even helped behind the camera.

She had the headphones on the whole interview and got to watch fromthe camera.
Very neat.
Even Lily got to try out the headphones

Lily's adoption Video ......

ok, lets try this AGAIN!!
I had to try Google video to get it to upload. I hope this works.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Those who know me well, know that not too much bothers me. Honestly, if I'm angry or mad or happy you'll know it. I'll tell you.
There is something that burns my behind... and I'm going to vent......

I was reading a wonderful adoption blog today, Do they have Salsa in China
(Mom of twins, adopted from China) and an asian women made a comment to her in the play yard at the mall about MaryMia's daughter thinking that SHE was her mother...

Now, That hasn't happened to me, but I haven't gotten some very dirty looks from people (usually asian but not always).... BUT You know what burns me??
People think I'm Lily's babysitter!! grrrrr
I don't even get the mommy credit!!
It's not until they see my husband, and 2 other blonde daughters, then Lily, THEN me, that a look of "ohhhh" comes across thier face!
When I'm out in public alone with Lily I always find myself saying things like "Lily..give that to MOMMY" or "Lily, are you mommy's little girl, yes your MY little girl!!"
I want a sign that say's "I'M NOT THE HIRED HELP!"
I almost NEVER get those "are you her Mother" or "Is she adopted" comments. Probably because I have prepared myself mentally with smartass comebacks and am looking forward to the opportunity to use them!!
But the whole babysitter thing just drives me. It always starts with a look at Lily ...then thier eyes follow up the stroller to ME....then the "oh that's the sitter" look happens, not the "ohhh that's the mommy" look!
I used to get the "oh that's the mommy" look when I was with Isabelle or Abigail!! NEVER the brush off / dirty "hired help" look.
Why is that???

I think she is an animal lover!!

On our recent trip to Florida, Lily made lots of new friends......

An Armadillo
A Bird.....well...a bunch of bids...

A Camel....
A pretty Cat......
Lots of fish.......
2 Goats...Which she LOVED! She was so excited about these goats that she.....
Stangled them...I mean hugged them and kissed them.....
and even tried to catch thier poop!! She just happened to be behind a goat as it decided to relieve itself, she thought it was a gumball machine and tried to catch all the poop. I couldn't get a picture as I was running to move her hand away from the goats rear-end. ewwwwww

A Giraffe
a wild horse with wild hair!!

A lion.....

Of course "The" Mouse.. Actually she didn't make friends with this guy. She was more than happy to wave goodbye to him.

... and of course our trip wouldn't be complete without a squirrel. I swear this one followed us from Fredericton!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Lily's Adoption Video

Still trying to get it uploaded!!!
I have to change the file extention. Soon I promise!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

...but I do know where I'm going....






back up and running again..

Sorry I haven't been very good blogger lately. Our computer decided to stop playing videos and music so I had to send it off to get fixed. We got it back last night and had 33 e-mails waiting for me! It's so nice to be wanted.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gotcha video clip

I was looking through some files, and found this clip of when we received Lily.
I can't believe how happy she was, she came to us with open arms, smiling and laughing. She still is very happy and easy going. What an amazing journey and it still continues.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gone to the Birds

At Busch Gardens, you can buy a small cup of nectar to feed to the bids. As soon as you walked into the netted area, the birds just about attacked you. The girls liked this the most out of almost anything we did all week.

I love the look on Lily's face..."hee hee I'm humoring you ...now get it away from me!"Lily wasn't too sure of the whole thing. Especially when one landed on her head.

This little fellow bit Frank on the ear, and his toe, and his hat, and his nose. I think he had a "thing" for Frank.

Cotton Candy...Mmmmmmmm

At Busch Gardens

You Just Gotta Love Cotton Candy...

We're Home From Florida!!

After a long, long day starting at 4:30am, we made it home last night at 11pm! We decided to extend our visit by 2 days. (We were supoosed to come home on Sunday, but decided to stay till Tuesday). What a smart move. We had so much fun in those 2 extra days.
Lily and I were catching colds just before we left, so by day 2 of our vacation, we were both very very sick. 3 days of our vacation is sort of a "fog", so we were glad to have the extra 2 days at the end.
After a doctor visit and lots of meds, Lily and I were on the road to recovery. We hit Disney's Magic Kingdom, Busch Gardens, Lowery Park Zoo, and of course the beach.
Here are some pictures of our adventures.
At Indian Rocks Beach

Collecting Seaweed (which Lily then threw on me!)

Looking for Shells with mommy

Sandy Kisses....

Thursday, March 1, 2007