Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We got a Wii and a Wii fit for Christmas. We've never used this before and Hanlin and Lily are having a tough time with figuring it out. Does anyone know if there are games that would help them figure out the controller and also the Wii fit board?

Are there games specially for 5 year olds??

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The girls have said that this is the best Christmas EVER!!!
I wonder if it has anything to do with these 2 little christmas presents they got....??

Meet Georgia

and Ginger

Geez, I thought stopping the big girls from fighting was tough... Look at them fight! It is so fun to watch them.

They are 3 months old and are rescue kittens. Each from a different litter, both lost thier mother early, one mom died, and the other got spooked and abondoned her litter. Both litters were from a feral colony and a wonderful foster family took the 7 kitten into thier home and bottle fed them. They are sweet kittens, but need to be socialized. They are getting more and more social every day and now, after 48 hours, are running around the house,( I can hear the pitter-patter of little paws upstairs) trying to attack our dog, and they cuddle with us at bedtime. Ginger would almost never purr, and she is now purring and is relaxed when we hold her. She is also the trouble maker of the two, getting into everything, even the dog food!!

The girls had no idea that we were plannng on giving them kittens and we so excited Christmas morning (afternoon actually). I had a friend babysit them overnight and them came for a visit Christmas Day, but first she put the kittens in my front porch.
Once we were sitting, I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten a gift for the girls, and gave them each a bag. It was filled with cat toys. They thought it was for Bear, (our other older cat) but then I walked in with a kitten in each arm, and said, maybe these toys go with these??
They almost died! Abigail didn't now what to do except cry! Then I cried! Isabelle kept saying, are we babysitting them????
It was very sweet and we're so happy to have them.

Christmas Eve

This Christmas had to be the most relaxed one ever!!! This was our first Christmas without travel!! YIPEEE!! My dad came here instead and we enjoyed wine, food and great visits from friends! We relaxed, played, laughed and acted silly!!!

Isabelle has been spending all her time, behind my camera! So I no pictures of her! But she has taken the nicest pictures! (She gets her this natural talent from me!) cough cough....
I had thought my camera lens was dirty, because all my shots were blurry.. but when she takes them, they are crisp and clear... then I realized... NOOOOOOOO
It's MY EYES!!! I'm getting old!!!!!

Our christmas tradition is to leave Santa a Guinness, since at our house Santa is allergic to milk.

I baked some yummy thumbprint cookies... these are right before I baked them, they don't even have jam in them yet, I would have taken a picture fresh from the oven, but they got eaten right away.

playing with my computer, and did up a funny video of Lily dancing using photo snapshots.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here are some pics of the kiddos at thier very first Christmas Concert!

Holy Smokes they were excited to perform~ Especially Lily!
They did a great job and we're very proud of them!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas tree


Yup, you guessed it! Just 2 hours after the tree went up...
down it came...crashing...down!!!!!
That poor snowman had a smile on his face when we hung him up!

All in all we didn't loose too many ornaments, lots of cheap ones, but I did loose 3 that were special to me.
1 from Arizona that I had gotten while visitng my sister a few years ago. (but I did buy 3 so I have 2 more on the tree)
Then this little "Santa's little helper" martini glass from Lu. We exchange ornaments every year and this one is from last year.
I loved it!
And lastly, this one I got from another adoptive parent, on Lily's first Christmas. It wasn't dated, so maybe I can replace it from China sprout, they have beautiful ornaments.

What a night that was! Isabelle had her Spectacle de Noel, which she did a cart wheel at the beginning then, stayed at the back of Santa's workshop building Lego! lol
So, as I'm lying in bed, at 10:30pm and Frank is working on the computer downstairs, we both her "jingle jingle" and we both know it's too early for Santa!
We arrive in the livingroom at the same time, with decorations all over the floor, smashed!!
Oh, did I mention that I was in bed sick?? oh yeah, to add to the chaos, I caught myself a nasty hacking cough and sore throat!
The last place either one of us wanted to be was cleaning up that mess!
We were lucky though, not too many broke and we've since tied the tree!
Here's some pictures of the kids decorating the tree,just hours before it fell!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We had a fun (aka very long and tiring) weekend with a gymnastics competition here in town.
Both girls competed Saturday back to back, starting at 8:30am then the next at 11:30am, straight through till 2:30pm! I competed in the "How long can a parent sit on those killer bleachers" event! I took 1st place! (as I don't think any other parent is that stupid to sit on those bleachers as long as I had too.)
The girls did wonderful! (they have my genes, cough cough) They each placed 1st overall!
Isabelle placed 2nd on beam and vault and 4th on bars and 5th on floor and Abigail placed 7th on vault, 3rd on bars, and beam and 2nd on floor, or something like that, she can't remember. lol
Here are some pictures of the day! I overexposed a bunch of them (duh), so they're not as nice as I would of liked. I think the injury that I got while competing in the bleacher event made my mind a bit foggy.


Floor (pic is grainy, and overexposed..)grrrr

Beam (these were black till I lighten them, but they are so grainy)
Bars (yes, she is flipping in the air off of the bars!) Yikes!





it looks like she is going to land on her head! But she is in the middle of a flippy thing.


She went from running into the vault last year.. to this year placing 2nd! YEAH!
Anything is better than smacking into a hard vault!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alrighty! My computer has NOT been playing nice!! So I haven't been able to post much or any pictures!

The girls have the first gymnastics competition of this season this weekend. Hopefully they have fun and do well. I brought Abigail to see Serena Ryder on Sunday night! It was a great concert!
Abigail's floor music is "Boo-Hoo" by Serena so she brought her 1st place medal and had her sign it. Very cool!

I'm having the computer fixed tomorrow, so I'll be back up and running for the weekend! YEAH!
I'll post some pics of the girls at the competition!

Now I'm off to bake some Oatmeal cookies and some Chocolate Chip cookies in my dumpy old oven!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Something interesting happened today with Hanlin...

While getting groceries, he spotted a bottle of Peps*i. Something we never buy. He said to me
"when I was in... in.... in...China... did I drink that??" and I told him that I wasn't sure, and he said "I did!! and I LIKED it warm!!"

Now you have to understand that when it comes to his life in China, he will NOT speak of it. Not at all. He says he doesnt' remember any of it, and will not speak any mandarin either and claims not to understand it. So we've been very careful, letting him take the lead with questions.
He lived in China for 4.5 years he must have some memory, but we think his little brain is still in shock and has (for lack of better wording) "turned off" this part. We think right now his mind is learning 2 new languages, new life, new school etc.. He will remember when the time is right for him!!

So when he mentioned the pop, it took everything in me not to stop and shout out "YES, yes, you did and you did like it warm!!" Instead, I calmly smiled and said "yes, your right!! I remember, you did like that!"
I didn't dare add that his foster sister would buy the pop from under the counter instead of the fridge, just so he could have it warm, or if my sister would have a pop, he would cry at her to drink hers!
Lily asks questions all the time, "did I eat this in China?" "did I dance to music in china"? "did I drive a car in China"? ....it goes on and on....and on... and usually Hanlin will ask a question too and I was taking those opportunities to tell him a bit about his life in China. (for example"yes, you went to the park in China, we have pictures of you there.") but right after, he will "shut down". not wanting to hear anything else. So for now, we are letting him come to us with questions, and answering with very brief, but true, answers. (for example, "yes, you went to the park in China, when you want we'll look for pictures") Sometimes, he is willing to look at a photo, but mostly, I think he is looking for the same answer I give Lily. (yup, Lily, I'm sure you danced in China! Yes, Hanlin, I'm sure you danced in China too!) Then they run off and play!

However, this is his very first memory that he has been willing to share!!
We're very excited!
I have to laugh that it about P*psi, as while in China, we had to avoid the pop aisles and anything that had the symbol on it!

Thinking about switching from I*BM to M*AC...

Any suggestions?? Comments??? Advice?????

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, Lily has finished her medicine and seems to be on the mend. She is in a much happier mood and its so nice to see her dancing around and being silly!

I spent the day cleaning and baking bread! There is a bake sale fundraiser tomorrow and I baked 5 loaves of bread for it. 3 Oatmeal Molasses and 2 loaves of 15 grain bread. Both are a favorite around here!

My poor oven is just about dead though! It's being held together with a bungee cord now!

The bolt on the oven door snapped off the other day and went flying!! Now the oven door drops to the ground when you open it and it won't stay closed. The front burner gets red hot then luke warm! So maddening! Especially when your cooking risotto, which takes a constant temp not to burn. The clock has said 5:47 for the last 11 years!
This old doll came with the house when we bought it 12 years ago, and it was 20 years old then!!

Those who know me, know that I cook a lot, a whole lot actually and I could use a second oven, but what I want, what I really really want is a nice cobalt blue 36 inch gas oven, 6 burners.. but its way too expensive!
After 2 trips to China, there is no way we can afford this right now.. or for a long while..

This is my dream.....

But this is my dream come true!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alright, remember I said that Lily was feeling under the weather for Halloween??

Friday night we went to get the kids the H*N1 vaccinations. (thanks Lu for the heads up on the line up).
So when Lily started a fever I thought nothing of it, thinking it was a normal reaction to the needle.
Her fever kept going up.. 38.9, 39.3, 39.9... (now you may remember back in China in September 08, she had febrile seizures?? ) I started to worry, Ibuprofen only brought her temp down to 38.7!
She would wake up and say things like "my bedroom is annoying me, things are moving in the room" or she would be very still, very glass-eyed, weird look...
Over the next 48 hours (the length of time the vaccine reaction is supposed to be) We watched her closely, tepid bathes, lots to drink. She was always hungry and thirsty so that was a good sign! Her chest was full and so was her nose, but nothing would come out?? It was like it was blocked solid in there!
So by yesterday morning after her temp reached 40.2 I brought her to the walk in clinic.

I knew she had an infection somewhere, either chest or sinus! Her breathe smelled like "fever/infection". Have you ever experienced that?? My sister gave me that advice years ago.
They always smell funky when they are fighting an infection... or maybe my kids just smell funky, either way, Lily smelled funky!!

Alas, she has a sinus infection!!!!!

So 10 days on Amoxil, and the rest of the week out of school. Why couldn't the doctor prescribe something for the mommy who has to stay home for the rest of the week with whiny, funky smelling Lily???
Actually, I don't mind at all, only when she is sick will she let any of us cuddle her. So I am taking advantage of every cuddle moment. We are having breakfast and snacks in mommy's bed, (sorry daddy about the crumbs)! and watching lots of TV and playing games!! ( and getting NO house work done!) oh well!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

The 2 little kiddos went out as a giraffe and a tiger lat night! Although Lily was running a fever, and feeling a little under the weather, they had a great time. We didn't stay out too late, and they were in bed before 8pm!!
The big kiddos went to their friends houses for a sleep over and had a blast. 1 one was a bat and the other a dead princess!! I didn't get pics of them, so here are some of them from earlier in the day.

Getting ready to go with their friend batman!!

On Thursday, the kids were allowed to wear costumes to school.
So Bumble-girl and Superman went to school!!
They kept the costumes on from 7:30am till 7:30pm!! They loved it!