Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friends Forever

I had playgroup here on Friday.
(We were missing a few due to summer holidays)
These girls are all so beautiful,
the mom's are all terrific and I loved having everyone over!
Can't wait for the next time!

Splat Contest Designs

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Not too much happening here! Sitting back enjoying my margarita, the sun and the kids!
Everyday is busy, but in a good way!

We went to SJ this weekend for a reunion on my hubby's side. The kids swam, had boat rides, we went on a canoe ride and just had a great time! Even Abigail puking on Saturday night didn't dampen our spirits! She was done tossing her cookies in time for Frank and I to enjoy the campfire with everyone till 2am! (god love her!)

1 person who had a pretty crappy time was Lily!!! Holy Crying Baby Batman!!!
During the day she was alright, being kept busy with all the other kids running around, but come nap or bedtime, whoa....she went into total hysterics!! Screaming and begging to go home, begging me to stay with her, begging her daddy to lie down with her! She was absolutely terrified that we were going to leave. She would start to fall asleep then wake up in a panic checking to see if we were still there. She even asked me to put my PJ's on, knowing that it would mean that I too was going to bed THERE and not leaving. Broke my heart!
I actually had to take her out of there on Friday night at 10:30pm and to my parents house where she seems to be more comfortable. For about an hour after we went to bed at my mom's place, Lily would sit up and put her little face onto on my face and say...I happy mommy...I miss a you mommy...I love you mommy....I love sugar..(our dog, who was staying at my mom's too)..

Poor little peanut!!

But on another note....she has hopped onto the potty bandwagon!! Yipee! She has been going #2 for months now, but the whole pee thing had me completely confused! She can hold her pee for a very very long time. When I say long time I mean hours....dry all night, then not go till 10am!!! So I was finding it hard to "catch" her when she needed to go. She would (and still does) use peeing as a "diversion". In the middle of me scolding her, (for hitting her sisters....or crushing the dog..) she'll shout out.... I PEEING!!!!! Then like a mad women I rush her to the bathroom, where she then says... I no pee!! I NO pee!!! The first hundred times I totally fell for it!!
Now I tell her she is full of baloney and continue my rant!! LOL
I'm going to have to be on my toes with this one!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ahhh Living in Cottage country...

Ok, so we don't live ANYWHERE near cottage country, nor do we even own a cottage, hell we're lucky to own a dog house!
But we can have fun with what we do have....

and that's a tree fort!!

This past weekend the kids (that would include my husband) decided to sleep in our tree fort!
3 kids and 1 adult in a small 4x4 fort! (Lily and I slept in the house!!!) You wouldn't catch me out there with all those bugs and raccoons!! Not in this lifetime!!!

They had about 15 s'mores each on the BBQ (yes that's right, the BBQ), (We live downtown, can't have an open fire!)

they danced around outside like maniacs till 11pm all high on sugar,

then Frank told them stories of when he was a little boy at his cottage. (a completely inappropriate story...of driving the motorboat pulling his friends water skiing while they were naked, passing other boaters who were either laughing or shielding the eyes of their children!) Nice Frank!
Then our neighbors came by, and started to cackle and scratch the outside of the fort, which got the girls squealing and laughing...

They finally fell asleep around midnight! What a night!

The "Girls" striking their Charlie's Angels' pose:
Outfitted with everything an "Angel" needs:
flashlight, water and teddy bear!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Then and Now....



These photos are for the Dianjiang Orphanage. The families of children from Dianjiang have a great yahoo group and also a website, where photos are posted. The ayis (or nannies) often go to this site to look at the photos of the babies that they once cared for. They love seeing updated photos.
I decided to create a Then and Now album. I have posted a request for photos from families and I will collage them together (using my handy dandy fotofusion) and post them in the album.
I truly hope that the ayis will see how loved and cherished our children are, and pass it on to the foster mothers. I can only hope!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Every strawberry season, after picking, hulling, cleaning, and freezing copious amounts of berries, I always make a massive amount of MARGARITAS!!! I usually make enough to last me through out the winter season! I make them nice and strong so they won't freeze solid and I need only 2 scoops per cup topped off with sprite! Ummmmmm Ummmmmm

Even my kids know..."ohh don't use eat berries, there are for mom's margaritas"!

Even my mother knows...she re-labeled my rubbermaid container while we were in China "Krista's medicine"

Even my husband knows..he brings me one when he wants something! ;)

Yes everybody......I am a margarita whore!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever

We went strawberry picking this past weekend, and the pickings were GREAT!
We picked 3 flats in just under 45 minutes!

I think Lily ate her weight in berries!! (and straw and green stems, yuck)

Perfect weather, no bugs, nice breeze and beautiful scenery.

Little ladybugs everywhere....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"No Chank-chew Elmo" (no thank you Elmo)

July 1st 2006
July 1st 2007

For the past 3 years we've spent the Canada Day weekend at my sister's house. (She has a pool!!) LOL
We always go to the parade, eats lots of cotton candy, then go back to her house for a swim!

(This year's parade was well....pathetic.... a bunch of cars and trucks with the odd flag attached, beeping horns and waving! WTF?? I could of whored up my saturn wagon, shoved my kids in the back and joined the parade!) LOL oh well, the kids got lots of suckers!!
This year, guess who was pulling up the rear of the parade like Santa Claus???? ELMO!! Yup, cause he's sooo Canadian!!!! (again..WTF) Anyway, before I saw the furry red "beast", Lily saw it and started to panic in her stroller and even though she was tightly buckled, she jumped into my arms yelling "ALL DONE!! ALL DONE!! NO CHANK CHEW!!!!!!! Still oblivious to the Elmo beast, I apparently didn't move fast enough and in a split second jumped out of my arms and into my sister's who was standing a little behind me! All the while still shouting..."NO CHANK CHEW...NO TICKLE....NO CHANK CHEW!!!"
We finally saw the red beast and clued into what Lily was freaking about and my sister ran with Lily as far as she could as fast as she could..

Barb said that Lily was trembling with fear, even this far away.. and she kept saying.."No tickle, No tickle"!! We felt so bad!!

Once we got her away from Elmo, she was fine and put on her dancing shoes (aka mini-crocs) and got her groove on!!

Gotta love blue cotton candy!!!!

BTW..She is 1 tooth less now... Barb pulled her loose front tooth out yesterday...
AND gave her 5$...hell the tooth fairy only left her 3$. Cheap SOB! LOL

We're back...

Hi everyone! We've made it back from our little jaunt to Saint John and we're still in one piece!
We cut the trip a little short, we're all tired and the weather kept calling for rain,
but we're happy to be home, I'm doing a mountain of laundry, the girls are "chilling" and we're going out for supper tonight! YUM
It's funny how you need a vacation after your vacation!
Here are a few pictures, I'll be posting more later tonight or tomorrow..

This last picture just cracks me up!!! Lily's little nogging just peeking out of the water!
That kid is a fish!!