Monday, January 28, 2019

Today was our orphanage visit. 
Although it was difficult, she was a champ. Her favorite nanny waited around for us to arrive, and they both had some tears, but the nanny was awesome, she wiped Grace tears and told her how excited she was for her. she is older, and obviously well experienced and knew exactly what to say to Grace. 

Grace (who would rather me call her Yuling) which is fine by me, led us through the orphanage, to different rooms. Saying goodbye and introducing me. A couple of times she had a bit of tears, depending on who she saw, but nothing too bad.
By the time we were back down stairs and leaving, she was ready to go.. Then she suddenly ran back to her classroom, and we all thought.. Oh oh... But nope. She was running back to take more pictures of the whole classroom as she was yelling good bye. Lol then all the kids once again started grabbing her and hugging her and she started to get teary again. So we got her and walked off holding hands, as the kids yelled good bye..some even hanging out the windows. Lol
It was a very good day.
The biggest problem was that she gets terribly car sick.. Within minutes of driving.
Any advice? I'm dreading the plane ride already.

She is now a Dolan. She signed the papers agreeing to be adopted by us. I have to be completely honest.. I was worried. She loved being with me, and wanted to come home with me, and understood family, and all her sisters and brother.. But she has a few favored nannies and one favorite in particular that she is worried about missing. And also her friends, but she understood they will be all going to a family soon too, so that made it easier. But those favorite nannies really weigh heavy on her heart.
When we looked through her school books today I found some scrap papers hidden in the pockets box a small book.. Along with a small three fold page with piles of cell phone numbers.. This was tucked away, hidden in her things.
Our guide told us that tomorrow we are going to go super early, just to see her very favorite nanny who will be just finishing the night shift. She said we will tour the orphanage and visit the kids quickly.. She suggested we not stay long as she is so attached to her nannies, that this will be very hard on her. She said she is going to make sure the nannies tell her they are happy for her, and that it is OK for her to go with me.
I always recommend that our First Hugs families go back and visit the orphanage. It is so important for the children to say goodbye and have closure. But I also understand just how difficult this is. This is so much for a little girls heart.

November 17th, 2014

Look who I have!!!    

Just leaving civil affairs with a very little girl and a happy mommy.

Going to meet Grace in one hour.  
Next post will be pictures. 
Our guide has said that she had met her, and that she knows I am coming today. When asked in July if she wanted a family, Grace replied, I ask for one everyday. 
No more asking... Cause I'm on my way.

On our way to Grace's province..
November 16th, 2014.

6am.. Nothing like a large tub of coffee!  There were no take out glasses, but worries I will figure this out!   Starbucks Venti is just a baby compared to this sucker!

Grace's Gotcha Day

I thought I would try to update my blog by going through google photos month by month..  I have 4 years to catch up on..  this is going to take a while..
Everything is now on Facebook, but I want to make my blog into a book - so I am updating!!

November 14th, 2014

Well, I'm packed (I think)! I'm ready (I think)! The house is left in capable hands (I think not) and the kids appointments, schedules, competitions, teacher meetings are all scheduled, and taken care of (NOT)!!  
But there isn't much I can do about it now. Leaving in 45 mins for the airport on my way to get a very special little girl.  
Soon to be a much loved daughter and sister - an orphan no more!

Friday, November 7, 2014

With a little help from my friends!!!!!

Earlier this week I was so lost with trying to shop for Grace, and organize the gifts for the Directors of the orphanage and finish paperwork, that I almost broke down in tears in the middle of Walmart looking at Pajamas!  sigh..

Today I had a wonderful friend and adoptive mom, MaryEllen, join me and helped to keep me from loosing it!  She had wonderful ideas, and kept me organized and on track.  With her help I have all the gifts bought for the 3 nannies, 1 director and his wife and 3 officials! (all for under 60$) bonus!!
Oddly enough I couldn't find any "Canada stuff" anywhere.. so I guess for this trip Canada is going to be represented with snowflake ornaments and polar bears!  oh well!  lol

The puzzle is coming along nicely!  
There is still lots of time to donate..  
just press on the Donate Now button on the right side of the blog!
You can see her eyes now!!  Let's get the rest of her face finished! 

Everyone has been so wonderful, caring, and gracious, from donating to the puzzle, to donating items to sell at the fundraiser, to dropping off clothes for Grace, to donating their musical talents, to helping me get organized!  We really have some of the best friends around!!
Thanks everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Puzzle update

There is still time to buy a puzzle piece!  You can find the donate button on the right side of the page.
Thank you to everyone who has added to the puzzle over the last few days. 

In 12 days there will be 1 less orphan in the world!!
In 12 days I will meet our newest member of our family, Grace!
Join us this Saturday at Kingswood Park, 7:30pm to celebrate, listen to some music and maybe bowl a string or two (Kingswood has arranged a special rate for those who would like to bowl). There will be tables set up to sit and enjoy the music. Bring the kids along, lots of fun for every one!
There will also be some donated items for sale to help with the fundraiser, such as Chinese teas set, prints, bangles and even an autographed copies of a famous children's book!! There is no cover charge, but any donations are greatly appreciated!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


We received some new updates on Grace this week.

She is very similar in size to Lily, right down to the same size shoe! But her chest measurement is much larger due to her scoliosis. (68cm)
She is 121 cm tall and weighs 27.5kg (60.5lbs)  Although she is a few inches shorter than Lily she is the same weight, and foot size (19.5cm)

The update also said that sitting or standing long periods hurts her back, and also so does wearing tight pants or jeans.
This means lots of dresses and tights and leggings!  :)

I'll have to contact Air Canada about how we can help her be more comfortable on the flight.

Our Puzzle Grace Home Fundraiser in moving along.. We still have lots of pieces left - just choose a number, and click on the Donate Now button!

 These pictures are from when another adoptive mom visited earlier this year!  She put on the hair bow right away!  :)  

Friday, October 10, 2014


We now have our travel dates!  Our Forever Family Day is NOVEMBER 17TH!

We have good start on our fundraiser but we still have a LONG way to go.  There are lots of numbers still available, take a look at the picture and choose a number that is still open!
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Every cent counts!!
The link to donate is on the right side of the blog!!