Monday, September 21, 2009

We've had a week of firsts around here!! I've been meaning to post about everything, but WOW, it's also been super super busy!!

So, lets see..
First of all:
Hanlin learned to ride his bike without training wheels! He was very hesitant to take off the training wheels, but with Daddy's encouragement, he tried and believe it or not, he got it his very first try! Frank couldn't believe it!
Hanlin is funny like that, he won't try something new, he'll balk, cry, and complain. But when he does try it (usually forced) he is able to do whatever the task was, be it riding his bike, or pumping his legs on the swing or cutting his food with a knife...

He has come so far in 1 year! When we first arrived back in Canada, he was so clumsy. Actually more than was worrisome. I can't tell you the amount of times he walked into walls, or fell while walking. It was so weird, he would be just walking along down the hallway, then trip over his own feet, he would drop his food all over the place, drool, whine.. (wait, I'm getting him confused with Frank)! He was so much like a 2 year old in so many ways, and actually, a 2 year old would of been more advanced.
I did a lot of "therapy" with him, playing with play-dough to help strengthen his hands, using scissors and cutting pages, upon pages of paper.. (Lily thought this was the best ever!)
and until the weather turned too cold, he went outside to play, run, swing, and climb! The poor kid had so many bruises at first, but eventually he got used to his body, and moving around in it!
It took about 9 months, but he caught up and he is on par with other 5.5year olds, I might even brag, and say in some skills, he is advanced! You should see him kick a soccer ball!
He really has come a long way. He still loves to tease Lily and has gotten quite good at it. He loves to cuddle, and has no problem showing affection and tells us he loves us. He especially loves Daddy! He'll follow him around everywhere, asking questions, talking, pointing, more talking.. oh, did I mention talking.... I've never heard anyone talk as much as this kid, he talks non-stop! It's exhausting! Our conversations will go something like this:
Hanlin: Mom? What's that? (pointing to the phone) (he knows what a phone is, he has 3 play cell phones that he carries everywhere and talks on them obsessively).
Me: What do you think it is?
Hanlin: A phone.
Me: Did you know it was a phone?
Hanlin: (smiling) yes!
Me: Then why did you ask me?
Hanlin now runs and grabs all his phones..: I have phones, like you and daddy!
Me: Yes, you do! You like to talk on your phones.
Hanlin: Is that a phone? (pointing to my cell, which he knows is a phone)
Me: No, It's a laundry basket (being a smart ass).
Hanlin: laughing.. no mommy, it's a phone! Like mine!! See!!
Hanlin: Mom? What's that...??
and so the conversation goes.. and goes and goes...
Although he knows the answer, he still has to ask the question. Even if its none of his business. Who are we talking to, what did Abigail say, who was on the phone.. It has gotten so bad that even his teacher has commented on it. Now he knows that if he asks question after question, that he knows the answer to, or if he it is none of his business (because he can get rude), then he has a time out. He hasn't had a time out for that since the spring! (whew) We finally figured out that he was asking questions to get our attention away from what ever we were doing and be given to him. For example, he would bombard the teacher with nonsense (usually none of his business) questions whenever she would be busy with another child, or if I was busy with Lily or or the phone or the computer. He was so spoiled, and had all the attention on him at all times for 4.5 years, that when the attention was placed elsewhere, he felt he needed to divert it to him. Although he still talks a lot, its not so bad anymore, and we have some really great conversations! He's a really good kid!

Another first was school!!!!! Which went off without a hitch!! (and NO I did NOT cry) are you kidding me? I was so happy to see them off, I almost sent them a week early!!
They love school! They love the bus! They love eating lunch at school! They love playing in the school yard and they love their teachers! yup, separate classes for these two! This way, they are able to grow and develop without the other peering and comparing and it has been amazing for the 2 of them.

I drove them to school the first 2 days, then they took the bus! They were dying to take the bus right away, but I wanted to be sure they understood where to go in the school first, before trying to figure out the bus! But by day 2 they were raring to go, and wanted nothing to do with me driving them!

Whew! that is a lot of firsts!! Now I'm ready for MY first...

MY first time alone in 12 years.. all the kids in school and I'm home alone for the first time in 12 years!!!!!

I just love it!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I HATE frosh week!!

Some yahoo on "hero juice" decided to test out his strength on our fronch porch window Monday night!!

Every year during Frosh week, downtown becomes a zoo... windows broken, mailboxes tipped, loud, yelling crazies, away from Mama's bosom for the first time, and they forget all respect!
We live downtown, but we're a bit of a walk from the center of town.. (about 10 mins). When we first moved here 12 years ago, our windows were broken quite often, and things stolen from our cars and yard.. but it has settled down a lot over the last 6 years. So I was very surprised to find the window broken in the morning. I can't believe we slept through it!
Yes, the glass is replaceable, but the house is over 100 years old, and the whole front porch has original glass in it, you the kind, that wavy thick well..old glass..!

We're replacing it with tempered glass, so next time instead of breaking my glass, they'll break their knuckles!
At least this time they did leave with a (well deserved) big boo boo!!

YUP! that is a honking piece of skin attached to the window!!
Is it sick that I enjoy the fact that this must of hurt like a bugger??

On a happier note.... I have a couple of huge blog posts that I've been working on...
We've had a lot of 'firsts" happen this past week.. and I really have to post about it!