Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The stuff that comes out of Lily's mouth sometimes just crack us up...
I thought I better write some of these down, as I'll never remember them later...

So here are a few LILY-ISMS:

I'm like my sisters... I have 20/20 hearing!

I like Dum-Pa-Lings Mommy!

I gotta pee like a horse!!

Santa's Reindeer's say Hee-Haw Hee Haw!

Mommy!!! Here's my snot!

I washed my hands... with my spit!

and our all time favorite....

Smell my fingers!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Her menu..... Red Velvet Cake
Lobsters, Oysters, Shrimps, Atichoke/cheese Dip, Asparagus, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
and Lemon Grass Spring water the kiddies, but thankfully Sangria's for the Bigger guests!
Quite the menu for an 11 year old.... She didn't want to invite her friends because she said they are all picky eaters and would never eat this stuff!! She also requested that the 2 little ones be in bed when we had her birthday dinner. She knew that if they were up, there would be a lot of commotion and we wouldn't be able to focus on her night like we should!
Every year, we end up putting her birthday dinner off, because it is so close to Christmas, and every is always so busy. I'm so happy we were able to celebrate on her actual birthday!
She invited our great neighbors, and we had a wonderful time!!
The weather was bad, and school and gym was canceled, so we decided very quickly late in the afternoon to have her "party". It was a great day, cooking with the 2 girls, preparing everything! They seemed so grown up to me! sigh....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We are getting ready for x-mas! Hanlin is asking for presents, even shows me pictures of wrapped presents, but he has no idea what actually is going on. Lily has asked for a dinosaur and a boat, not a small boat either, one that goes in water and you ride on! (yeah, right, like that is going to happen).

My big girls haven't asked for much! Abigail asked for a can of creamed corn and a jar of capers.
She has gotten capers in her stocking since she was 2! Isabelle wants Lindt white chocolate and for her parasite friend "George" to go away.

Oh yeah...I didn't tell you about George..
Isabelle since the first of November has been having severe stomach cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, weakness...
When she had her first "bout" it was 2am and she woke up suddenly, screaming in pain! and I mean SCREAMING! I thought she was giving birth! We jumped up, and was getting ready to bring her to emerg and were also assessing if it was a flu etc.. when she went to the washroom and felt a bit better...she was still in pain, but the screaming stopped, so we thought it was either gas pain, or the flu (which was going around at the time). She was very weak the next day, but starving!! I kept her home, and she was fine. The following week the same thing happened, but this time not as severe, then again the following week, but with so much pain she vomited.
Every time this happened we kept thinking...flu??? But we knew something wasn't right. The doctor ordered (with some pressure from me) stool and blood samples. We had both samples by 9pm that evening. Now at this point, the gym coaches and the school are either sending her home, or saying that she is weak..etc.. the doctor is telling me that it is nothing, I'm getting upset
at Isabelle because I'm frustrated and worried, Isabelle is upset because she knows she doesn't feel right.
So, another week, another bout, now 4 times in 4 weeks. I'm ready to call the doctor again, when the phone rings and it is the doctor.. Surprise!! Isabelle's samples have grown a parasite!
Dientamoebal Fargilis to be exact! She has all the symptoms!!

Poor little thing has to take meds for the next 3 weeks. The pharmacy has to order them in, it is not a common drug. Its an anti malaria/anti parasitic drug.
When she found out yesterday she was a little shocked at first, until I explained what it was, (that it wasn't a big worm that was eating her insides out), and then in true Isabelle character, she decided to name her new pet!!
We've had a good laugh, I told her that she was not allowed to get any more pets,and she did this without my permission! We were adopting her brother..not parasites!!
So she will start these meds on Saturday, and by Christmas, George should be gone!!
At least he better be gone!!

So instead of pictures I have a video for you!! Lily is an absolute crazy girl! I swear, she will rule the world someday! Her antics just crack us up!

Hanlin has definitely had to learn to "tread" lightly around her when she is in a mood, but when the 2 of them are in sync, they play so well for hours at a time! He is learning to play with her at not "at" her.
She actually asked today to go back to China to get another Hanlin, she said "2 Hanlin would be fun!" Oh, and she wants to go and get Cheryl, for some reason, she thinks we left her in China.
Cheryl left earlier in the day than us for for Lily, she just disappeared somewhere in China!

From my sister:

you know
there are people out there that open your blog EVERYDAY to see
something ......anything .... maybe you should get Abby or Isabella girl
or even Barb to blog too!!!!!
UP DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, sorry to my sister Cheryl!! I had no idea that you followed my blog so religiously! LOL
I promise to be more dutiful with my blogging duties!