Friday, September 14, 2007

You know your old when....

you bend down to pick up your daughter's book bag and put your back out!!

Yup! That is what I did this morning. How pathetic is that?

then being an idiot...I decided to bathe the dog, bent over in the tub, with Lily helping me!! DUH
So now, my back is in spasms....and I'm not happy!
I am going to either open a bottle of wine or a bottle of Gin, or a bottle of good narcotics! Heather...feel like sharing?? ;)

Well, not a hell of a lot happening here so I am going to follow the lead and spit stuff out..

  • not only is my back out, the kids are sick! Sneezing..runny noses...coughing and a huge amount of whining! I was going to post a picture of Lily's runny nose, but she wouldn't let her nose get "runny" enough for a good picture! Lucky you! She will YELL "Nose running" before her nose actually runs! Very particular about NOT having a snotty nose!
  • The girls had their first full week of school and homework and gymnastic training. They were real troopers, getting up without me nagging. We even had 15 mins to spare every morning before the bus arrived.

  • Not sure if I told ya'll this before, but DH is now working out of town everyday again, gone at 6am, back in the evening around 7:30 - 8pm. He arrives home just in time to kiss the girls goodnight.
    I get the girls up, and off to school, do all the house work, have supper cooked before the kids come home, do homework with them, get them to the gym, drive back home, bathe Lily, clean up from supper, get luches made for the morning and get the kids off to bed! I swear it's like I'm in 1950! He has supper on the table, kids all clean, and a drink ready for him! well..ok, he has to re-heat supper, the kids are clean, but he puts them to bed, and he opens his own beer and puts some laundry away!
    It's a good thing he's good with the handy man stuff....or I would have to get rid of him. (you bunch of dirty minded people.. you thought I meant in bed !! ) tsk tsk! ;)
    Well, ok I did!
    So after having a full week of school etc.. I have to say that I am very proud of myself and of the girls! No break downs!! YEAH! Everybody happy!! YEAH!!

  • now on a completely different topic.. I am thinking of having a Mid-Autumn Moon Festival "party". But I'm not quite sure what to do for it. Make lanterns, eat moon cake and have tea, and read the story of Chang E and Hou Yi, the Moon Goddess and her husband the God of the Sun.
    Any suggestions out there?? I think the party should take place when the moon is in the sky, but for most of us, the child that this holiday pertains to, would be in bed sleeping! LOL I would love to hear your suggestions.

  • oh yeah, here is something else I did this week...Lily and I joined a child care exchange with 2 other mothers. So on Monday, I babysit their child, from 9am to 1pm and in exchange, I get free child care on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 - 1pm. Cool eh?
    I went for coffee on Tuesday sans enfant and even went out for lunch! (Thanks Lu).
    Now I have to think of something for this Tuesday and Wednesday. Hmm...anyone want to meet for coffee?

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Headmeister said...

Ok, I tried commenting twice now and it keeps giving me an error! Now I need more happy pills!!!

(which I refuse to share, only because they make me TOO happy!!! lol!)

Sorry about your back sister - sound to me like it's time for wine AND gin - just not mixed together!!!