Thursday, November 22, 2007 You have to check out this book, it is read by Amy Tan and it brought tears to my eyes.
I sent an e-mail to Frank (with the link) asking for the book for Christmas!! He had to laugh, I told him that I cried when I read it, and he asked "are you sure you want things to make you cry right now??"
Mothers Bridge of Love
Ok, so I've been a little teary..LOL

Actually, I find that every time I sit down to blog, I start to get teary eyed!! I'm not even sure why. Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary of Mom's death. Man this SUCKS!!
......ahhhh....inhale deeply.......
That is why I haven't been updating much.

So I've decided that the next few post will be happy, posts, videos, etc...

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Debbie said...


So sorry to hear about your Mom. I haven't been following the blog lately, so I didn't know. The article in the Telegraph was beautiful; your Mom seemed very special. We all hope to leave such a lasting impression on our kids...
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.