Tuesday, February 24, 2009

48 cm of SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, it was a storm day, schools and most of the city was closed!

The kids played for hours outside, and I baked 2 huge batches of Ooey gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Here's some pics of our backyard....

On the sidewalk just out side the front door!!
My front door
Isabelle with her ski goggles on!! She was diving in the snow!

Our neighbors came over and had to climb over our gate in order to get into the back yard!!
Path to back gate, before snow blowing...
Path to the back gate, after being snowplowed!


Jamie and Angela said...

Isn't it wild? Fortunately it's a nice day and the snow seems to be slowly melting. The cinnamon rolls sound yummy, we'll have to try those soon!

kris said...

my WORD that is so much snow!!

(and can you email me, i would LOVE to hear more about Gracie's Room!! and plug it on my blog if appropriate)


Anonymous said...

Pff, that's nothing! At 6pm our snow plow guy still hadn't come so the entire family had to shovel till he came at 9-ish. Hehe, if you wanna see a picture of papa's porch, just let me know...

Sampsons said...

Holy CRAP! We got rain. Better you than me, though, sorry!!! N

cheryl said...

BAHAHAHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll think of you while I sip a cold drink sitting in my back yard enjoying the sun.....trying to keep Butter out of the pool!!!!

geminirn said...

ISN'T IT WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm soooooo sick of this sh..!!!!

AS for your sister Cheryl........I called her a very bad word!!!!!!!

Just Us Girls said...

That's crazy!!!!!!! We got hit hard too.
At least your kids had fun playing and didn't get lost..lol!