Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi from wet and rainy PEI!!

I'm in an internet cafe while the kiddos are off to their camps.
A and I are really really enjoying the gymnastics camp. Having lots of fun and learning new things.
There is a coach from Calgary there and they are getting great training. He has said that the girls have great skills basics and can tell they've been very well coached back home.

The little ones have been going to a camp for 4 and 5 year olds, at UPEI. Just for the mornings so I can get a bit of a break.
It is a little hectic with 6 kids, but its running smoothly.
It's been raining everyday, but they've played anyway. Gotta love rubber boots.
Sorry no pics, Barb and I have both forgotten to take out our cameras. Been too busy setting the trailer up and getting kids organized. I think we have things figured out now.

Keep your fingers crossed for the rain to stop!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'll keep my fingers crossed that our rain goes over there... It's survival of the fittest! Mwahaha!!