Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ahhh, yes, thanksgiving....

I thought I would get an extra step forward towards heaven by inviting our priest who also happens to be Frank's uncle, to Thanksgiving Supper tonight!

I didn't really think he would accept, (he never does) but.....oh yes....... SURE, he'd love to join us...and asked.."what time is supper?"
I almost shit my pants right in the church!

I have a 14lb turkey sitting in my fridge, 4 pies that are still just a figment of my imagination, potatoes to peel and cook and Frank and my dad have taken apart most of my kitchen floor to install bench sitting and we're at 11:30am mass... oh my god... oh my god.......


We rush home after mass in a freaking panic!!

I call my neighbor, (who is gone away for the weekend)
"Can I use your ovens???????"
We throw the turkey and stuffing (that thankfully I prepared before church) into the oven and start making the pie crusts. Abigail starts on the pumpkin pie and Isabelle on the Apple pies.
We manage to get them into the oven (at Mary's) (using 2 ovens) ((thank god that woman has 2 ovens)).

Dad and Frank get the church pew (which is our new bench sitting) into the kitchen,

I over cooked 1 apple pie and had to air out my neighbor's house (sorry Mary, I'll replace the foil on the bottom of the oven on Tuesday) but the turkey actually is done cooking at 5pm, just as Father Jack walks into the back yard!!
whew... 1 step closer to heaven....
So we sit down to supper, Father says grace, and I'm thinking...
1 foot closer to heaven

when Lily decides to practice her french words, very loudly, right beside Father.
COCK!!! COCK!!!! COCK!!!!!! COCK!!!!! COCK!!!!!!!
I'm chocking down my turkey, trying to say, .. "yes, that is how we say ROOSTER in French, ROOSTER, ROOSTER". to no avail..

~~~~ oh god.... where's the wine??~~~~

Then, trying to change the subject, he asks if we're going to put Hanlin into Hockey this year.
Lily then shouts out that her "daddy plays hockey, and there was a man who hit daddy in the nose with a puck and that wasn't very nice.." Father Jack listening intently to her, agreed. Then she announces that she "wants the man to come over to her house to tell him to SHUT UP because it wasn't very nice to hit her daddy and she is very mad!!'

~~~~oh god..... WINE.... MORE WINE!!!~~~~~~

we finally managed to finish eating, and enjoy ourselves for the most part, with all 4 of my children sitting almost angelic (cough cough) in the church pew!!

.. and can you believe that whole dinner experience happened in 1.5 hours???
.. and can you believe I finished a bottle of wine in 2 hours???
Most of it being consumed just after he left??

What is that old saying???
1 step forward... 2 steps back??

**(to come to Lily's defense, she saw pictures of Frank's broken nose last week and was very very upset that some one would hurt her daddy, and although we tried to tell her that this happened a long time ago, and that the man didn't try to hurt him on purpose, that is was an accident, she just couldn't understand and was very MAD!! and she has NEVER said shut up before, but boy, was she mad telling the story!)**
**(and she has been saying her french words almost every day, but they have been about Halloween, no farm animals until now!)**

I finally figured out where Lily heard "shut-up". From 2 movies she has just recently watched..
Little Orphan Annie and Toy Story!! They saw it all the time on the movie. Terrible!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Lily is hilarious!!!...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from my Family to yours!!!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!TOO FUNNY...but really Krista to invite the uncle to get a step closer to heaven....and to even bring a piece of the bloody church into your home..just to impress him......pleassseeee!?!?!?

Just joking,love the looks beautiful and it sounds like a wonderful way to have spent Thanksgiving.

Sampsons said...

Haa haaa haaa!!! Can I come next year?


Anonymous said...

Better rooster than seal!!

And as for getting a step closer to heaven - don't worry. We readers of your blog believe you have a "get into heaven free" card.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nancy in Quispam

Kendra Stiles said...

Love the pew - where'd you get it?

Your stories are aways so entertaining! Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving...

Sampsons said...

Krista... we may be coming to NB next weekend... are you guys around? Write me if you can - I can't find your email address on this new computer. n

The Wards said...

LOL!!! Loved reading your tale of Thanksgiving this morning!! Way too funny. I believe kids have a little bank in their brains for inappropriate things they've learned to which can only be accessed when you have company over...

Anonymous said...

hey chick.
just back from Calgary and catching up on computer.
Lily is so funny.... remember John-Thomas yell ing F**K every time a truck went by HaHa
man they keep you on your toes!!!
Call ya Cheryl