Monday, November 23, 2009

Something interesting happened today with Hanlin...

While getting groceries, he spotted a bottle of Peps*i. Something we never buy. He said to me
"when I was in... in.... in...China... did I drink that??" and I told him that I wasn't sure, and he said "I did!! and I LIKED it warm!!"

Now you have to understand that when it comes to his life in China, he will NOT speak of it. Not at all. He says he doesnt' remember any of it, and will not speak any mandarin either and claims not to understand it. So we've been very careful, letting him take the lead with questions.
He lived in China for 4.5 years he must have some memory, but we think his little brain is still in shock and has (for lack of better wording) "turned off" this part. We think right now his mind is learning 2 new languages, new life, new school etc.. He will remember when the time is right for him!!

So when he mentioned the pop, it took everything in me not to stop and shout out "YES, yes, you did and you did like it warm!!" Instead, I calmly smiled and said "yes, your right!! I remember, you did like that!"
I didn't dare add that his foster sister would buy the pop from under the counter instead of the fridge, just so he could have it warm, or if my sister would have a pop, he would cry at her to drink hers!
Lily asks questions all the time, "did I eat this in China?" "did I dance to music in china"? "did I drive a car in China"? goes on and on....and on... and usually Hanlin will ask a question too and I was taking those opportunities to tell him a bit about his life in China. (for example"yes, you went to the park in China, we have pictures of you there.") but right after, he will "shut down". not wanting to hear anything else. So for now, we are letting him come to us with questions, and answering with very brief, but true, answers. (for example, "yes, you went to the park in China, when you want we'll look for pictures") Sometimes, he is willing to look at a photo, but mostly, I think he is looking for the same answer I give Lily. (yup, Lily, I'm sure you danced in China! Yes, Hanlin, I'm sure you danced in China too!) Then they run off and play!

However, this is his very first memory that he has been willing to share!!
We're very excited!
I have to laugh that it about P*psi, as while in China, we had to avoid the pop aisles and anything that had the symbol on it!


Family of Four said...

Wow...a real Ah Ha moment for you!!


geminirn said...

Oh krista that is fantastic,my Josh still never refers back to anything that took place before his life began with us....and he was almost six.

Sampsons said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You are such a good mom to let the recollection happen at his own pace.

Krista, remember you had asked me about an illustrator the last time I saw you. I have some cool information for you!!! I lost your email when I switched Internet service providers. Please email me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great! You handled it awesome Krista!

Erin Audrey Rowsell said...

Wow!!! That's so exciting, that must feel so amazing!
You are such an amazingly inspiring parent :) Hopefully some day I will have the opportunity to practice just some of the things you've taught me on that realm!

How are you?

Your comment on my blog made me SO happy! I miss you guys a ton!

loads of love