Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At 1am, Hanlin decided he really didn't like supper and threw it up.
So I stripped the bed, and put him on the floor on a mattress in my room. He was fine all night, but I thought he may be tired so
I decided to keep him home today. Meanwhile, through out the night, Lily was up with a stuffed nose and cough. So I also decided to keep her home.

Once the big girls got off to school, I brought down the little ones for breakfast.
Lily came running to the table to join Hanlin and I and said, "you know, when I waked up, and saw Hanlin's bed like that (meaning stripped) I just thought, Well, guess he's gone back to China!"

Poor Hanlin looked at her, then me and with a crocked head, said, "I stay here, right?"


I really should of sent them to school. They felt fine. Played happily and loudly all day and pretty much ate me out of house and home!

Here's some pics from Sunday afternoon. We went skating and sledding and the kids had a ball!

You should see Lily skate! She's the hockey player in this family! Hanlin, well, not so much! lol
He got frustrated that Lily was literally skating circles around him, and he went off to do some sledding.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Awww. I don't really have the right words, but it was sweet and sad all at once.

I hope it didn;t make him feel too bad.


Terri said...

what a couple of cuties!

geminirn said...

AWWWW!!!love the photos cute they are.

Karen said...

Glad they only felt bad for a little bit and now are feeling better!
Love the pictures! Looks like so much fun! My kiddos would have a blast in all that snow!

Donna said...

I've got a little ice hockey playing in the making too! And it really chaps her sister's hide since sister has talents that are not extended to skating in any form.


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Donna said...

Crud... meant to say "hockey PLAYER"!