Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well!! Lily has ANOTHER abscess on her molar. She is back on antibiotics, which she hates, but she is taking it like a little trooper!!
We are on the dentist's cancellation list to get this one pulled out. We are going for the gas again this time.
I hope we won't have to wait too long.

Here are some fun pics from Sunday...
After supper the kids and I cranked up the tunes and danced around the kitchen to Lady GaGa!!
What a riot and a great stress reliever!!

Love the pointed fingers and the dirty PJ's!!

Hanlin on the Drums!!
Then he switched to the Guitar!

Lily on the Keyboard!!
Abigail was the photographer
Even mommy got into the dancing!!
Poor Daddy, who had just arrived after being at a conference all Sunday, was trying desperately to eat his supper while all the craziness was happening behind him!!

**Tifanny, we had your pulled pork sandswiches for supper**
(with fiddleheads and home made frenchfires!)
It was a big hit.

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Mammarazzi Madness said...

Just got your message on my webpage. Yippee ! I would love to see you when you come our way. I hope Alycat and I can make the next playdate :) Have there been any plans yet for a next get together ?