Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, It's our anniversary tomorrow.. Not sure how many years..but I still know that I love him lots!!

We had a fun day today at the beach, all the kiddos swam in the ocean and played in the sand!
Heck, even I went in for a swim! Holy Land it was cold!
We got in late tonight, 8:30pm, but I had put on Osso Buco in the slow cooker, so we came home to a nice warm juicy stew! I've never tried it in the slow cooker before but it turned out great! whew!

As I was putting the little kids to bed, this was our conversation:
"you know, tomorrow is a special day..
tomorrow is mommy and daddy's AN N-I-V ER-SA RY...!" ( I pronounced it very slowly..)
Can you say this word??" With wide eyes they pronounced very slowly like I did.. ANN I VER SARY" lol
Do you know what an "Ann-i-ver-sary is??
They simultaneously said Nooo... with a mouthful of toothpaste and now completely engrossed in this word...
I said " that is the day that mommy and daddy got married a long long time ago it's called an Ann-i-ver-sary!" "Can you say that word again?? Anniversary??
They both slowly said.. Ann I Ver Sary proudly!
Then I asked them.. "Do you know what happens on our Ann I Ver Sary??
They both replied Nooo????? They were so curious and excited now about this word.
I said " All the little boys and little girls all over the world are very nice and kind and don't whine and fight on thier parents Anniversary!!" "Can you say that word again??"
"let's say it together" "ANNIVERSARY!!"
I said "It's such a special day, this anniversary, that all the children are really nice and kind to their mommy's and daddy's!"
By now, I had them changed into PJ's and climbing into bed.
As I kissed them good night, I thought I better recap. So I asked them..
"so what day is tomorrow?"
they said: Anniversary!!
and what happens on our Anniversary?
they said "All the children in the world are nice and kind to you and daddy!"

SCORE!! Now lets hope they remember this tomorrow!!
of course unless it rains.. then we'll celebrate Tuesday!
I'm hoping to make a nice meal with Duck confit, and pate and goat cheese and champagne with cherries and amaretto and the girls want to hang white lights on the trees and have candles and music but it's calling for thunder showers tomorrow night, so we might have to post pone it for a day..
I don't mind, all I want is a nice quiet day/evening where all the children in the world are nice and kind to me! LOL


Sampsons said...

Happy Early Anni! I'll have to try that trick. The closest I get is to cut them short and say "Hey! Today is a No Whining Day" or "We don't whine on Mondays". Never works. N

Jamie and Angela said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Me said...

Good luck with that!!!!

Happy Anniversary.

My 2 Miracles said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you had a great celebration!!!

Mammarazzi Madness said...

Hey Krista, Yes, my email is still the same. Let me know when you'll be around and Aly and I can pop down some pm if you are available or you can come here. I'm sure you'll be quite busy but if you have some down time we'd love to see you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, sorry- haven't had a chance to connect with you.Hope gymnastics is going well. We are in Summerside. When are you heading back ? If you are around tonight- maybe Aly and I can come and see you. Call me- 887-3693. Where is the beach you are staying on ?
Alycat and her Mommy