Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ohhh.... gotta love the first day of school!!!

What a bunch of darlings!
The kids made out ok! Abigail didn't have school till yesterday but the 3 others did, and today Lily doesn't go but the other 3 do... sigh... I had to make a flow chart to get all of this straight. Not only did they start on different days, I had meeting with teachers and classes at the same time at different schools on the same day! Lots of running around yesterday!
Today the bus this morning was close to 30mins late and this afternoon it was 45 mins arriving home!
It will all be figured out by Monday I'm sure.


cheryl said...

OMG!!!!are they ever getting big!!!!Hanlin is ssooo cute.Good luck this year to all 4!!
aannddd Kris... dont touch the tequila...well at least wait until after 11 ;30...

geminirn said...

Oh Krista the kids are all beautiful,they are growing up so fast.Hope they all had a great first day.

my3 kids said...

Awe how cute are all of you're kids....hope their first day of school was lot's of fun!!!

kitchu said...

dear lord they look so cute!! hope it's a fantastic year for each of them :)