Monday, October 18, 2010

Another beautiful Fall Day, spent Apple picking
Not sure who had more fun, the dog or the kids! (and by kids I include Frank)
Frank and Hanlin thought it was nice enough for shorts...
I had on 2 pairs of yoga pants and a sweater, obviously we have very different ideas of "warm" weather!

Abigail spotted this "perfect" apple..on the very top of the tree..then set out to try to pick it!
First Hanlin had a try...

Then Isabelle had a try....
Next Abigail tried...good thing we bought our own human ladder!
Then finally and reluctantly mommy tried..
I'm only about 2 inches taller than Abigail... but it was enough to reach it!
ohh that elusive apple..
wait, didn't Eve pick the forbidden apple?


Cheryl said...

oh my that look like fun!!!
I know Im her Doggie Grand but my goodness she is a cute dog!!!

CB said...

doggie Grand MA!!!!SHEESH

Mammarazzi Madness said...

Good job girl !
Looked like you had fun. Was it the spot overlooking the SJ river? Beautiful there.
Hope all is well :)