Monday, November 1, 2010


Man, we were completely unprepared for Halloween this year!!
I have no idea why, but it just seemed to sneak up on us.
I managed to take some quick pics of the kids before they ran off in separate directions..

Power Ranger Lily! She was so excited that I found a pink costume!
Isabelle... oh Isabelle.. The night before she went to a friend's Halloween party dressed up as a person caught in a wind storm, her hair was blown back, we had wires in her scarf and dress that held them straight back, she had an inverted umbrella and leaves stuck in her hair! It was a fantastic costume! Then another friend called last minute Halloween night, saying she didn't have a costume to wear, so Isabelle gave her the wind swept costume and in 30mins we threw together this Rubiks Cube costume!
of course I didn't manage to get any pics of the wind swept costume as I thought she'd be wearing it again .. ooh well..
but to add to this, she went trick or treating with this same friend, in her neighbourhood, and she ended up getting almost NO CANDY!! Even Lily and Hanlin got twice as much as she did!!
Abigail got dressed as Mother Nature with flowers and greenry in her hair, butterflies on her face, and shoulders and vines all alround her dress and legs. BUT, went out trick or treating with friends and got ready there so I have no pics of her either.... sigh...
Here is Hanlin! My Transformer!! Seconds after this picture, he fell backwards, jumped and ran around ready to go! What a riot. It was soo cold out last night, I put on thier winter coats under the costumes. Man, I had them stuffed in those outfits that they looked like little muscle men! Hillarious!
As he laid his head on his pillow last night he said "this is the best trick or treating day EVER!!"
Then 2 hours later woke up with a wicked bloody nose!
We finally have an appt with the ENT tomorrow!! YEAH
Hopefully we'll get some answers on his hearing loss.


Patti said...

It was great meeting you the other day! I've taken a few moments today to read your blog...I'm getting hungry.
Your children are beautiful. Blessings to your family.

Chelsea Gour said...

Okay, I came here to leave a comment because I didn't have a way to respond to the comment you left on my blog, but I totally loved the costumes! Yes, you can enter! I'm pretty sure that Apple delivers to Canada. I'm so glad you got to meet and know your child's foster parents. They would not let us met Claire's so I wonder about Ashers... Anyway, leave me another comment with your contact info and I'll enter you. You've got until Saturday night!