Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sometimes I Pee .... Sometimes I Poop!

ahhh, Christmas Eve at our house..for years now the kids have left out cookies and a Guiness for Santa! The kids thought that Santa could be allergic to milk (since at the time Abigail was) and thought daddy's favorite beer was a good alternative!
It's so hillarious, and it has never been questioned! This year the big girls played Santa and called the little ones to remind them to be good and to leave out the beer!
This year was no different, they grabbed a bucket of snow for the guiness (this time ice cubes - rain for x-mas for us), and cookies!
Lily and Hanlin were so excited, and Hanlin blurted out this sentence in the middle of telling us what he wasleaving out for Santa..
Abigail fell off her chair she was laughing so hard!!
Watch the video... let me know what you think!
Maybe Yes? Maybe No?
Sometimes I Pee... Sometimes I Poop


remlap42 said...

And now we know why Grandma got run over by a reindeer. :)

Cheryl said...

HAHAH that was just so random!!!!!!
he is so cute.
hey the word verification was

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!Well you know depending on who the old guy is........some are full of ....!!Miss seeing you.