Monday, October 31, 2011

Lily's Birthday Cake

 It's Lily's birthday today!  7 years old!  Man....where did the time go....

She is such a character.  She has recently starting playing with Bratz dolls and wearing dressing and getting her hair done.
For the past 3 years, it has been all about Star Wars and Droids, and light sabers, and knights and swords!!
So today for her birthday cake she has asked for a princess cake, you know the one I mean.. You bake a big bowl cake, and stick a barbie in it, throw some frosting on it and voila Princess Cake.... easy peezy and cheap right???  Heck how much can a box of cake mix and a Barbie cost?  12$ at the most??

 Yeah right...

I wanted my "barbie" to have more of an Asian look to I started to search for a Mulan doll...
After walking from one end of the mall to the other, (god forbid they put the toy store and the large deptmaent store next to each other)  I came up empty handed, and had wicked sore feet!
So back to the other end of the mall to look for any doll that doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes! sigh..
Why did I decide to wear my high heel fancy boots today?
oh yeah... they make me look tall...
I don't look hot but I do look 2 inches taller and that makes me smile, and I can see over the Starbucks counter when I order my coffee!  That is worth the blisters.

After my $6.00 coffee fix, I managed to find something...that almost could pass for Asian.. at least it has dark hair!
I'm not a huge Barbie fan, my older daughters were never into that stuff so I really never paid attention to the price of them!

Geezz... 15$ later

So I cook up my upside down bowl cake for her dress, only to find out that the "usual" barbies used for these cakes actually have no LEGS!!  WHAT??

I ended up carving out a honking hole down the centre to fit my nice new expensive non-legless Barbie, using a fluted Champagne glass.
It is now 10 mins before supper and I need to get this cake done pronto!  I throw some store bought frosting, toss some sparkles at it and some gummies.... VOLIA!!  The dress is done is less than 5 mins!

I wrapped the doll in plastic wrap. (It looks like she is on a body wrap weight loss program!) and shoved her into the cake!  Only for her to fall right through... Those Barbies, legless or not, are pretty skinny!
Quick thinking in Abigail's part and we came up with this:

She's standing on a shot glass!!  
We served her on the a foil lined tray that was sprinkled with sparkles!  

Lily LOVED her! 
The cost??

Here's the breakdown:
Doll: $15.00
Coffee: $6.00
Cake mix and frosting: $5.00
New top I found while looking for perfect Barbie: $25.00
Champagne (can't use a champagne glass without filling it.. gasp.. faux pas..) $30.00
Tequila (can't use a shot glass without filling it.. besides by this point I needed the drink) $30.00

Was it worth it???  

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