Saturday, February 11, 2012

A blog post is WAYYY OVERDUE!

SOoooo sorry!!!

Wow.. time has flown by, and I really need to catch up.

where to start...

We had a wonderful christmas, we were able to spend it at home, and my dad came up to stay with us!
It seems all we did was eat, eat, drink wine and then eat some more!!

 We headed out and choose our "perfect" christmas tree!  As usual Frank let the girls drive the truck around!!

Getting ready for x-mas eve mass.   Frank still has yet to learn how to tie a tie!!

My most recent news is that I'm heading back to China, March 1st for 13 days!!!
I'll be going with another adoptive mom, Angela, Moya, Cathy and Ian (our camera guy)
Cathy is Gracie's mom, and I'm looking forward to meeting her.  We wil fixing up Gracie's Room First Hugs Program, replacing the matts, building shelving and fixing the window and heaters. (and whatever else that needs to be done)
We had a fundraiser today and raised 400$.
 Angela made an amazing Dragon Cake that was the hit of the fundraiser!!

 Shan Resturant donated dumplings, and pork on a stick, and Classic Touch donated all the tea!

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Stephanie said...

Well its aboout time you said something!! China in 2 weeks! Wow. Awesome cake.......wanna do coffee before China?