Friday, May 11, 2012

Hanlin's 8th Birthday!!

We celebrated Hanlin's 8th birthday last weekend with a Pirate Party!!
It was a huge success!  We started out at the house, where upon arrival each kid was quickly transformed into a Pirate!  We slathered them with Tattoos, earring, eye patch and a sword!!  (Lily took her transformation very seriously, and ran around yelling Argghhh matey!! That is her Argghh pose -  although it looks like she is in )
The big sisters made an amazing Treasure Chest Cake and Abigail made a huge map for the table and I used Chinese coins for bits of treasure on the map.
We had cake and opened presents, then headed off to the Movies to watch The Pirates!! Band of Misfits!!  The kids got popcorn, juice and smarties!  They were so excited and soo well behaved!
Lily and her friend never took off their eye patches wearing them under the 3D glasses!  Too Cute!

 It was a great idea for a party.  We were only at the house for 45mins, not enough time to completely destroy the place, and the kids still played outside, ran around, saw a movie, got tatts and piercings!
Good Fun!

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Betty A. Muscott said...

Really cute pictures of your kids who look like they are having a great time!

It is great to see parents photographing their children - so many parents today don't know how to photograph children properly, but you have captured some great images!