Monday, March 18, 2013

Long time no post!!

WOW, way too long since I've blogged!!  Darn you FB!

I'm heading off to China again for another trip to XinXiang Henan China, to our Gracie's Room Program there.
I'm hoping to see the children in much better conditions than the last time few times we were there.
They've moved into a nice bright and new building and we have 2 big beautiful rooms for our program which is now running 24hours a day!!

My incredible friends and family have once again been so generous and I've been given lots of donations to take with me for the babies, and the nannies!

I'll be updating this blog whenever I can, so stay tuned to keep updated!

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Stephanie said...

Well HELLO Stranger! Nice to know you're still out there somewhere. Have a wonderful time in China! Hug me some babies. Headed to Uganda in 7 days......