Sunday, October 19, 2014


We received some new updates on Grace this week.

She is very similar in size to Lily, right down to the same size shoe! But her chest measurement is much larger due to her scoliosis. (68cm)
She is 121 cm tall and weighs 27.5kg (60.5lbs)  Although she is a few inches shorter than Lily she is the same weight, and foot size (19.5cm)

The update also said that sitting or standing long periods hurts her back, and also so does wearing tight pants or jeans.
This means lots of dresses and tights and leggings!  :)

I'll have to contact Air Canada about how we can help her be more comfortable on the flight.

Our Puzzle Grace Home Fundraiser in moving along.. We still have lots of pieces left - just choose a number, and click on the Donate Now button!

 These pictures are from when another adoptive mom visited earlier this year!  She put on the hair bow right away!  :)  

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