Friday, November 7, 2014

With a little help from my friends!!!!!

Earlier this week I was so lost with trying to shop for Grace, and organize the gifts for the Directors of the orphanage and finish paperwork, that I almost broke down in tears in the middle of Walmart looking at Pajamas!  sigh..

Today I had a wonderful friend and adoptive mom, MaryEllen, join me and helped to keep me from loosing it!  She had wonderful ideas, and kept me organized and on track.  With her help I have all the gifts bought for the 3 nannies, 1 director and his wife and 3 officials! (all for under 60$) bonus!!
Oddly enough I couldn't find any "Canada stuff" anywhere.. so I guess for this trip Canada is going to be represented with snowflake ornaments and polar bears!  oh well!  lol

The puzzle is coming along nicely!  
There is still lots of time to donate..  
just press on the Donate Now button on the right side of the blog!
You can see her eyes now!!  Let's get the rest of her face finished! 

Everyone has been so wonderful, caring, and gracious, from donating to the puzzle, to donating items to sell at the fundraiser, to dropping off clothes for Grace, to donating their musical talents, to helping me get organized!  We really have some of the best friends around!!
Thanks everyone!!!

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