Saturday, February 24, 2007

I won the War of Attrition....

Attrition ..... wearing down by friction or grinding...

Lily was in no mood today to eat supper! She was in the mood for dessert!! Ice Cream to be exact.
Well, she took to screaming when I presented her supper, mashed potatoes, roast beef, corn! She wanted ICE SCREAMMMMMM, and nothing else.
This is new, this has never happened before, and if I get my way, will never happen again.
I took her out of her chair, and told her that if she wanted ice cream, she had to have supper first.
NO off she went into her bed for a time out. I ate MY supper in peace, while she screamed bloody murder upstairs. I brought her back downstairs (after I was done of course and her screaming had subsided) and offered her super again. This time she polietly said
"no Chank-chew" (aka no thank you) asked for ice cream, I said NO, and then she went off to play. Abigail came home from gymnastics about 2 hours later and Lily told me she was hungry for num-nums. I re-offered supper (same supper, same bowl) and this time she devoured it and asked for seconds. THEN she had ice cream.
I WON!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhhhh It feels good.

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geminirn said...

I'm proud of you for holding you grounds...and glad to hear the little ANGEL received her ice