Monday, February 26, 2007

Video Clip

I did it!!! I figured it out, only took me 2 days!!!! grrrrrr
I put this video clip up because it was the only one already cut,
and shortest one I had to try to figure this you tube program out.

My fathter in law took this video, just after we "confirmed" it was Lily. Thanks to Carrie and process of elimination!! :)


Jamie and Angela said...
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geminirn said...

OH Krista,you had me in look how much she has grown(what a little angel),hard to believe that much time has gone by...and can you believe we are in our 15th month of waiting...

Yes we will need that pink snow suit.

Carrie said...

OMG! It seems just like it was yesterday Krista! I can remember walking in the room and not being able to find our girls then I turned around and they walked in....only you didnt think it was Lily LOL! She had changed since her referral where Mya hadnt really.

Glad you got it up nd running!