Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're Home From Florida!!

After a long, long day starting at 4:30am, we made it home last night at 11pm! We decided to extend our visit by 2 days. (We were supoosed to come home on Sunday, but decided to stay till Tuesday). What a smart move. We had so much fun in those 2 extra days.
Lily and I were catching colds just before we left, so by day 2 of our vacation, we were both very very sick. 3 days of our vacation is sort of a "fog", so we were glad to have the extra 2 days at the end.
After a doctor visit and lots of meds, Lily and I were on the road to recovery. We hit Disney's Magic Kingdom, Busch Gardens, Lowery Park Zoo, and of course the beach.
Here are some pictures of our adventures.
At Indian Rocks Beach

Collecting Seaweed (which Lily then threw on me!)

Looking for Shells with mommy

Sandy Kisses....


geminirn said...

Looks like great beach wheather....i love Indian Rock beach.
Love the photo of you and Lilly giving kisses on the beach.

Carrie said...

Love the photo of Mommy and Lily kissing!!

Your brave, you wouldnt catch me in a bikini BUT then again you are a tiny fart (heheheh)

Oh I cant wait for the warm weather to hit here....