Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CBC Interview tonight 6pm

WOW, I got a call from Steve (I think that was his name) at the CBC asking if I was willing to do a quick interview about a proposed agency that the NB government is setting up. This would be a non profit social service agency to help with pre and post placement issuses. Well, I got the call at 1pm, and in under an hour...I had the kitchen (don't look in my oven) and playroom cleaned, changed into something more suitable than sweats, woke that baby up, (god forbid you talk about china adoption with the chinese baby), did some research (b/c I have never heard of this) and was ready for the interview!! Whew.......I need a drink!!! I hope I don't look like an ass!!!! I bet my bra strap was showing the whole time!!

Isabelle (who is home with an ear / eye infection) helped out!
She helped clean up, and she even helped behind the camera.

She had the headphones on the whole interview and got to watch fromthe camera.
Very neat.
Even Lily got to try out the headphones


Jamie and Angela said...

You did a great job! Everyone looked lovely, too!

LadyBug Journals said...

Yippee. I'm here Krista. I'm such a knuckle head. I haven't checked my yahoo mail for a very long time and finally did so today and there was your email.
I'm coming tomorrow and can't wait !
I'll have to shine Miss Aly up for the occasion. See you at 9:30' ish.

Our Little Miracles said...

Oh Crap! I missed it!! I dont have a tv, did u tape it??

I am sure you did great!