Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Concerts in the Park

During the summer, there are concerts held in our downtown "square" every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
We went out for supper with all the kids, then went to the concert. We had a great supper at a Mexican restaurant, were we all had fancy drinks, nachos and burritos...Mmmm Mmmm..
When we were leaving a women who had be seated behind us the whole meal, stopped me, looked at all the kids and said, "I had NO IDEA that there were 5 kids sitting there! They were so well behaved." I smiled, said Thank you, and told her that I had spiked their drinks with booze to keep them quiet! LMAO Ahhh, she said, so that's your secret! LOL
The waitresses also commented, saying they've never had so many kids in there be so good, and quiet. It's funny because we all thought Lily was being loud.

Here are some pics of the night.
Lily had her groove on, dancing all around us. It was a flash back to the 80's, she did the worm, the robot, and the running man, then peed her pants!

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Mama Of 2 said...

Krista, you kill me!! LMAO!

Great pics and sounds like it was a great time!