Monday, February 18, 2008


.....and they canceled school!!!!!! Come on people!! THEY CANCELED SCHOOL!!

I seem to recall that a few months ago, I went on line, for HOURS, looking for the perfect winter coat for the girls, one that was warm when its -40 out, that was comfortable, and hip and one that was WATERPROOF!!!

I seem to recall that a few months ago, I went on line, for HOURS, looking for the perfect pair of winter boots for the girls, they had to be warm in -40 weather, comfortable and hip and a pair that were WATERPROOF!!

My kids are not made of sugar!! They will not melt!!! They are waterproof!!
(I've spent enough money making sure they are)!

I love my kids and all, but 3 days of storm days!!!
How do mothers that home school their kids do it?? Everyday?
I look forward to the odd storm day, honest I do! Sleeping in, staying in PJ's, catching up on cuddle time, and even getting some extra home work done. But there is only so much "catching up" I can do! LOL

Rain Rain Go Away
I don't want my kids to stay
Home from school another day


Jamie and Angela said...

LOL, I'm with ya, sister!

LadyBug Journals said...

Can you believe it ??
Tsk ..Tsk ...Tsk .....
Hang in there!
Although, I just looked forward on the calendar and Ben has school off this Thursday and Friday too !!

Sophie's Mom said...

Canceled for rain? Wow! We've had 8 snow days so far this season, and now they're on school vacation for the whole week.

I feel your pain... ;)

Just Us Girls said...

OMG! Poor you.........

BUT, your too FUNNY!!!!!!! Always love your post:)


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!Too funny!!!Have fun in your pj's for yet another day....and just think March break is right around the corner...lmao!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

...could be worse...they could be sick. (That's what's going on in my house. Two sick kids and a sick husband. I haven't left the house since Saturday. Can you say SHACK WHACKY! LOL!)

Soon the sun will shine and life will return to normal.

And I agree...who cancels school for RAIN?!?!