Friday, February 29, 2008

So, here it is, 4:00am.... I have to stay awake.
I have a medical test tomorrow at 1pm, and I need to be sleep deprived for 24 hours! Ouch!
I'm not allowed coffee, chocolate etc.. to help me.

So what in the world have I been doing to keep myself awake you ask?? (Cause I know you want to know)
Well, I tried to figure out how to change a windows movie maker file to an AVI file till 1am, couldn't figure it out so:
I baked, I baked 3 loaves of Oatmeal Molasses Bread and 1 batch of Ooey-Gooey cinnamon rolls
(actually 2 batches, but I let my kitchen aid beat the snot out of the dough, while I did laundry, and I had to throw it out and do the 2nd batch by hand!)
oh what else did I do??? I did the dishes, and the 3 loads of laundry, and cleaned cat puke!! (the cat came to my feet and proceeded to puke!) WTF? ewwwww
I'm not tired, and I'm actually a bit panicked that I might not get everything off my "stay awake to do list" before 6am.
I still have to:
Wash the floors,
clean the playroom
wrap a present
move photos from computer to CD
cut Abigail's floor music for gym
make the girls lunches
and I have a "bonus" one...
bathe the dog!! I might let that one slide. LOL

5:20am Abigail woke up, had a dream that we were in China adopting Hanlin and they had cake for us, she ate a piece, and then woke up because she was biting her finger! She said she could smell the cooking in her dream.
We had a slice of hot Oatmeal Molasses bread together and she went back to bed!

6:21am Lily woke up, I can hear her asking for me in my room, she's not impressed I'm not in bed!
6:28am things seemed to have quieted down upstairs.
Cinnamon rolls are due out of the oven in 15mins, just in time for breakfast!


geminirn said...

WOW!!!!!!!!YOU ACCOMPLISHED ALOT!!!Hope all went well today!!!

Just Us Girls said...

wow! your good!

hope all went well.

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

That is one way to get all those things done in a day. Maybe I'll try that....NOT!! :) I can barely stay awake past 10:00 any more!!

rudie said...

WOW!You certainly can multitask!! Hope all went well with your test and you are sleeping soundly tonight!!

I still look at your little man in awe, he is so so sweet. He looks so gentle and loving, can't wait to see him in that house filled with girls!!!
It was a great visit the other day!
Thanks for the conversation, laughs and COOKIES!!

XZ is still talking about the girls and some STORIES Miss Lily told her!*LOL*

Take Care