Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm off to Halifax with the older girls for a gymnastics camp. Be back on Friday.
Frank and Lily and sticking around here!!

China Update....

Our tickets have been bought, travel visas sent off. I've made up a packing list, meds list and this time a "Things for Kids" list! LOL
I'm asking for suggestions from anyone who has traveled with a toddler for advice, and interesting things to do on the plane, there and back.

Oh, Diane M, thanks .... I want' panicking until I read your comment!!!!!!!!!

***************ONLY 37 MORE SLEEPS************************


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

what hotel are you staying at? I got lots of info if it is the same one we stayed at. Let me know if you need a backup blogger. As I recall we couldn't see the blog but we could post. Remember to set your comments up to be emailed to you so you will get all our support. I so can't wait to follow along. Just a little more than a month. Wahoo!

Sampsons said...

If you're reading this in Halifax, give us a call - or email! We should meet up. N

Kendra Stiles said...

super exciting!!!! have fun in Halifax and be sure to let me know when you have the second yardsale.

Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

Hi Krista,

Pack sticker books for the plane and hotel (resuable ones like Clifford, Dora, etc...). Also, magnadoodle, magnetix, and a laptop or portable DVD player for chinese DVDs. Lifesavers!!!

I'll write more exciting that the countdown is on! I'm so excited for you!