Sunday, July 13, 2008

What an incredible weekend~
First the LSC and then our yard sale/fund raiser!!

WOW ~ truly incredible~~

The fund raiser was a huge success! We raised 510.60$ Friends dropped off donations to sell and also stopped by the day of the sale to make a contribution!
We had people driving by, who saw our huge sign across the front porch, and stopped and gave 5 or 10$. It was so touching..I kept saying "don't cry...don't cry..."

The girls sold sausages and pop and juice and even did gymnastics down the side walk for donations!! LOL
The paper even stopped by to take photos!

My whole body ached from head to toe by the end of the day so, we ended the day sitting outside, sipping margarita's! (I think were the best I've ever had!! we used the Tres Generaciones Sipping Tequila and boy were they good!!)

Cheryl, can you send me more of this???? Mmmmmmmmm
oh, by the way Cheryl, while we were cleaning things out for the yard sale, I found your old high school year book!! Nice Hair!! LOL Actually, yours wasn't too bad!
oh, I never did find my silver wear! :(


Sampsons said...

Congrats on your yardsale! We also had a fundraiser yard sale and it was a fantastic success - way better than we had dreamed. now if I could think of one more fundraiser that would be that good again...


geminirn said...

That is great Krista,glad it went well!!