Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Taken in front of the Tianjin Olympic Soccer Stadium

Well, we're down to 6 days! YIKES!! We are trying trying in vain to change our hotel rooms in Tianjin, as the ones we have are wicked expensive and are very far away from any of the attractions, has no pool and is NOT kid friendly! It is a business hotel. What a shocker it will be for them to see the Dolan gang arrive!! LOL

I think I've got almost everything together, I am waiting till Friday to pack and lock the luggage. I am saying lock because the big girls will try to wear something out of them!!LOL

We have 3 carry ons that the 6 of us will share for the flights (with games, snacks and books) and the 2 older girls have 1 carry on each to check with their clothes, and Frank and I each have a med suitcase, I'm sharing with Lily and Frank is sharing with Hanlin. Not bad, compared to last time!!
I need a book suggestion... I would like to read something like "Peony in Love" or "Balzac and the little Seamstress"... I would love some suggestions...

We are getting to see lots of things in Tianjin. Including this:
The girls are very excited to go on it...me...not so much!! LOL It goes 120 m in the air! Each "capsule" carries 8 people.
We are also taking a boat tour down the Hai River and visiting the Dabeiyuan Monastery.
Now all we need is a place to stay..........hmmm Maybe the monks will have a spare room?


geminirn said...


Oh Lord I pray you find another hotel....I beg of you PLEASSEEE do not put those monks through that......he he!

Counting down the days with you my friend.by the way when are you landing back in Fredericton?

LadyBug Journals said...

Oh Krista ...I get teary just looking at him and thinking of how much his world is going to change in a week's time.
He is one lucky little fella :)
Hope you get the hotel thing figured out.JP said he was chatting with you today.
I'll be checking back frequently this week :)

Sampsons said...

Can't wait to meet him! I wish Lanzhou had one of those ferris wheels - that looks AWESOME! You're way ahead of me... I have all of AnnaWen's things set aside, but packing for Steve and I is entirely in my head. Scary!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, just send some wishes your way in your inbox.

For reading:

Love in the Time of Cholera
Ella Minnow Pea

I have both books, let me know if you want to borrow.

Jamie and Angela said...

I have this book http://www.amazon.com/Inheritance-Novel-Lan-Samantha-Chang/dp/0393327116/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1219890859&sr=8-1 if you want to read it. I haven't read it myself yet (got it quite a while ago and never got around to it).

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read all about your trip!

Sheila said...

I'm with Dianne,those poor monks!!*LOL* CANT WAIT to follow!!!! Good thing Clarence is away cause its back to sleeping with my laptop again!!!!

Wheres your sense of adventure, get on that ferris wheel, think of the beautiful shots you could get.

What a beautiful picture of your handsome son!!! He is such a cutie! Can't wait to see your first family photo all together!!