Monday, August 4, 2008

We're home, we're busy, we're panicked!
We are now only 27 days away from leaving!!!
*************27 DAYS******************

We spent all day/night yesterday with friends moving things around from room to room.
Abigail is now in her own bedroom, Isabelle and Lily have all their clothing moved into their new rooms, and today we are moving the beds.
We also moved the TV, stand, couch etc.. into the playroom downstairs, which is now the Den!

I still have to get needles for everyone, luggage and packing done!!!!!!!!!

Here's a quick pic that makes me smile every time I look at it.

When I look at this I swear she is saying..(slurred). "Look Offissor... I wazz not speeding... I can drive without a shirt if I want!!!!"


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

The time is flying by! What a funny picture of Lily! She definitely looks like she is making a point of something! Pretty soon I'll be checking the blog for Gotcha Day pictures! Wahoo!!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!Love the photo!!!!HOLY CRAP GIRL ONLY 27 MORE!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!You really shouldn't take much time out for the computor.......i would REALLY be crapping if I were you....HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT ALLLLLL DONE in time...LMAO!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.....we can sit back and have a nice drink of wine ..even if it is only 11a.m....hehe!

Kendra Stiles said...

27 more days....that's gonna fly by!!!!

Can't wait to see pics of your son..... :o)