Thursday, December 4, 2008

So instead of pictures I have a video for you!! Lily is an absolute crazy girl! I swear, she will rule the world someday! Her antics just crack us up!

Hanlin has definitely had to learn to "tread" lightly around her when she is in a mood, but when the 2 of them are in sync, they play so well for hours at a time! He is learning to play with her at not "at" her.
She actually asked today to go back to China to get another Hanlin, she said "2 Hanlin would be fun!" Oh, and she wants to go and get Cheryl, for some reason, she thinks we left her in China.
Cheryl left earlier in the day than us for for Lily, she just disappeared somewhere in China!

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geminirn said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!What a wild one you have...too cute!LOVE the red jeep.