Thursday, March 19, 2009

my day, actually the last 3 hours of my day.............

Lily spent the day screaming

at everyone, for one reason or another... either Hanlin was touching her dump truck, or walked in "her" puddle, or her sister was sitting in the chair that was meant for pooh bear... At supper she actually put her hand up at me and said... "I can't hear you" .


Just before supper, they were outside playing in the puddles.. lots of fun... but Hanlin would take a shovel full of mud water and slowly lift it over Lily's head as she was playing and then dump it in his dump truck... he could of taken a different route to the dump truck... but noo...over the sister's head was too much fun as it got a rise (aka scream) out of her everytime... UNTIL... she decided that it was one time too many, took a shovel FULL of mud water and purposely dumped it over his head...

He was NOT too happy, but he did stop lifting the shovel over her head!
then as I was putting screaming girl into bed, and giving Hanlin a shower (to wash the rocks out of his hair) at the same time, I asked the girls to wash and dry the supper dishes, suddenly I hear squealing and laughter and see Isabelle running upstairs for sanctuary.

Her sister decided to tape her up!!

she actually had to make herself "look mad" for the picture. She thought it was actually quite funny.
sigh........ thankfully the dishes did get done before the taping started......

and how can I be angry at these 2 little devils???
all showered and rock free!!!!!

All happy (after the exorcism) (and apologizing to the whole family) and ready for sleep..

Now for me????
I'm ready for this:
nice, smooth, warm and calming........4 Copas Tequila, and organic to boot!


cheryl said...

yep had me more than one of those days!!!!
lots more to come!!!
Remember a drunk Mom is a happy Mom!!!!!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!Oh man you all crack me up!!!!!How adorable they all are,it was nice running into you all the other day,hope he is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hehe... I love the cousins!

Sampsons said...

It's nice we can laugh about days like that after the fact, if we couldn't, I'd fear we'd all slip away in the middle of the night! Congrats for surviving another! N

Just Us Girls said...

LOL! What a gang and Krista, you crack me up with your posts.. Love it~