Thursday, March 12, 2009

WOW, this week has been a crazy one!! Out everyday, meetings, errands..etc.. I'll be happy when the weekend rolls around for some "quiet time".
We've been so busy that we haven't sat down for a supper all week, which is very rare for us. We always have a sit down supper, even if its at 8pm!!
Tonight is better and we'll all be home early for a good roast beef supper!!

Frank is off to Florida tomorrow morning to be with his dad. He is in congestive heart failure and we're trying to get him back to Canada somehow.

I took the little ones skating today, and I actually put on skates for the first time in years!!
OW!! My feet were aching after 10mins, but I didn't fall!! The kids love to skate, although Hanlin spends a lot of time rolling on the ice instead of skating! lol and Lily is bound and determined to "skate fast" and "turn".. thank god for helmets!
Speaking of helmets... That Hanlin has a big head for a young kid! The regular hockey helmet we have hurts his head. ( we have to squish his head into it!) lol So today I tried on Frank's skiing helmet on him, and with a hat, it fit perfect!! Adult size Large! HOLY COW!!

****NOPE... NO pictures.....***** NO ONE wants to see me wobbling around like a fool!*****


geminirn said...

Oh Krista that is terrible news regaurding Franks dad,praying he well feel better and will soon be back in Canada.

man i wish i had been a mouse in the corner of that rink....he he!!

Kendra Stiles said...

actually we do!!!! want to see pics I mean.... lol

Sorry to hear about Frankie's dad, I hope he manages to get him home.