Monday, May 30, 2011


1000times EWWWWWW

Abigail smacked her foot into a cement block yesterday and ripped the nail off the 4th toe!

now, I don't have a weak stomache for blood and gooey stuff, but even this grossed me out!!

It was one of those
Make my bum tingle, ewww, what do I do with a half hanging bloody toe? moment

So off we went to the Emerg and sat and soaked her toe in a dish that looked like it was filled with pee to try to get the embedded teeny tiny bits of cement and dirt out.
After 3 hours, the doctor came in and frooze the toe (needle was way bigger than the toe itself!) Abigail tried to convince her not to freeze it, she figured the needle was going to hurt way more than the actual removal of the nail. But the doctor really had to cut around it and manipulate it and it was soo gross, so when the offer of valium came around, I freely accepted it!! I felt much better after that! Although Abigail did have to drive me home!!

We made it home in time for a late supper, with a frozen nailess toe and our (my) pockets stuffed with bandaids, oinment, gauze, an IV pole and a neat kidney shaped metal pan... you never know what you'll need!

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geminirn said...

No wonder I can't get a raise.....YOU keep filling your dam pockets!