Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Abigail gave herself a good smuck to the head tonight!

Doing this:

...a roundoff....
...back hand...

...back layout..

something she's done hundreds of times I'm sure,
this time she landed on her back instead of her feet! Giving herself a good little bang to her head. She blacked out for a sec, but really thought nothing of it. The coach thought differently and called me to get her! lol
She's fine, she has a headache (go figure) and her neck is sore. She took some Advil, and has been icing her head.
She's all set to go back to training tomorrow as she is heading off to Halifax for the Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Championship on Thursday.
(the only reason I know the full title is because the forms are sitting here beside me! lol)
I'm at the "if your kid hurts yourself you can't sue us part"

oh..apparently she does that layout with a twisty thing added to it now!
Great.. let's add more dangererous things to it..lets add flaming torches...cause your mother isn't already stressed out enough!!!


Serving the King said...

Yeah, I know how she feels. Every time I hurl myself through the air I too tend to smack my head. But then I wake up and realize I was only dreaming that I am even remotely capable of spinning myself around a few feet off the ground. Even a cartwheel is beyond my reach. ~sigh~ :) She is AWESOME! I hope the competition goes well! Sounds exciting!!

Stephanie said...

ouch! she blacked out?!? concussion maybe? All the best in Halifax Abby! Hope you guys get in some shopping this weekend! Watch the head!