Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am in SOOO much TROUBLE!!

These 4 kids of mine, (yes I include my husband in this group) have NO FEAR!

None, at all!! I think Lily might be the worst of them all, at least my two older girls have good judgment, but Lily and Frank....... nope, nada, zero, nilch!!

We went sliding the other day, and had a great time. No one complained about cold feet or hands! (well, I did, but I really hate the snow and cold)!!

The hill was peppered with children and parents, and when you took your turn, you had to yell, "LOOK OUT" and try to avoid those with slow reflexes! LOL
Every time Abigail and Isabelle went down the hill, they managed to avoid crashing into people,
every time Lily and Frank went down the hill (at full speed - I might add) they would come soo close to knocking down kids! Frank's arms waving wildly in the arm - shouting MOVE - MOVE- while Lily's arms waving wildly in the air - shouting FASTER - FASTER!! (no kidding)

At one point, at the top of the hill, Lily jumped onto one of those round sleds and took off down the hill on her own, followed by:
Abigail who saw it first, then me, screaming, then the kid who owned the sled (oh, didn't I mention that? She just took a random sled, for all we know she could of pushed the kid right off of it!) then followed by about 10 other kids all hoping to be "the hero" and save the baby!!
The "baby" was screaming at the would be rescuers to "LETMEGOOOO" fending them off with waving arms and legs! Abigail (who was the only rescuer not frightened of her) was finally able to stop her, only after being dragged on her belly the last 1/4 of the hill!
After we returned the sled, to the now crying kid, LMAO, we arranged it so the older girls would hold onto Lily (in her properly borrowed sled), and they would slide down beside her on their Krazy Karpets.

Yup, I'm in sooo much TROUBLE! Way over my head!!

Here's the 4 of them on one of their excursions.
Yes, they are standing, yes they are going very fast, and no, I didn't see them until half way down the hill!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

LMAO!! I love the way your write your posts...I feel like I'm there watching it all transpire, laughing, with tears running down my cheeks! Too much fun!!

Barbara & Mike said...

Coolpost and I LOVE the pictures. Are you a digital scrapper? I think so and I also wonder do you do paper as well? I LOVE to scrap and I have done all of Jenna's months sice she came home and I am now working on our last trip to Chinabefore I need to start this one, lol!!

Just Us Girls said...

LMAO! Frank is having as much fun as the kids, if not MORE!

Great shots....I could have seen u there screaming after Lily LOL!


Lisa, Pierre, Marika,Karelle & ??? said...

Oh my , that looks like SOOO Much fun !!!!


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!Krista you kill me!!! Certainly sounds like a blast!!!love the photos!

my3 kids said...

very fun pictures. Krista, what program do you use to make up your scrapbook pages? Is it lumapix or another one? I am trying to decide which one to purchase but not sure so thought I would ask:)