Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well, we FINALLY moved Lily from the crib to a toddler bed!

We've been going to move her for quite some time, but she loved her crib soo much and every time I would decide to move her, she would be squished in some weird way and I thought that if I changed her bed, she would fall out for sure!!

Well, I was wrong! She took to the "big girl" bed right away!!! She helped (and hindered) Daddy putting the bed together, and helped her sister make her bed, and thankfully hasn't fallen out (yet).

There is a little shelf in the headboard of the bed and she has put a play phone in there, often after everyone is in bed we can hear her "talking" on her phone! We have to take the phone away, tell the "person" that lily will call them back in the morning, and put the phone in the hallway. Everyday, she gets up and puts it back on the shelf! Soo funny!
She is giving us a peek into her teenage years!! oh oh
This is the coolest toddler bed ever. It is a Little Tykes Cozy Cottage bed, and the side of the bed looks like a picket fence, and the headboard is a "house with shutters". It was given to us about 8 years ago, used and in very rough condition, lots of stickers and crayon marks all over it. I took it completely apart outside, (it was summer) and scrubbed the snot out of it and it can back to life!! It looked brand new again and still does!

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Anonymous said...

Awww i love it!! And look how cute abigail is helping make the bed! Oh i miss them so much!