Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Is now upon us!!!!! What to do with the kids???

We went skiing!! We met my brother and his 4 kids, and my nephew! All 8 kids had a fabulous time! The conditions were perfect for the kids, not too icy. I stayed on the beginner hill with Lily, who was an absolute terror on the hill. She didn't want me to hold onto her, (because it slowed her down). We decided to get her some lesson, because she took to the skis without fear and we want her to learn how to stop and be safe! she loved her instructor, and actually slowed down a bit for him, and would look up and listen to him. She wouldn't for us, she would point her little finger to the bottom of the hill, shouting "let-me-go!! Faster....Faster!! "
She finally had enough after about 2 hours, (thank goodness) and we went into the lodge/bar and had some food, and I had a beer, set up the DVD and her blanket, I read a book and she watched TV, the other kids slowly finished and after 2more hours everyone was upstairs having hot chocolate and french fries!
We had so much fun!
If the rain doesn't ruin the conditions, we are heading back out tomorrow and Friday!

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