Monday, May 12, 2008


Our agency called today, and told us that our file is now being reviewed in Department 1 of the CCAA.
They needed Hanlin's age added to our homestudy. (an exact age instead of a "guesstimate").
Our province was told, and before the agency had time to phone the province and make the request, the letter was done up and faxed off to the CCAA!
Stuff like that never happens that quickly within this province. All I can say is, "thank you new lady who is working there!"
Now the file makes its way to Department #2, where the 2 coveted letters are sent from. The Letter of Approval and the Letter Seeking Confirmation. Once these 2 babies arrive at our agency, we get a travel date!
They won't confirm, or deny a June travel date. They are still not sure what China is doing about the Olympics in regards to travel.

On another note, I have Hanlin's package all ready to be sent to him. Just adding some final touches. I have looked all over for a book, on adoption for an older boy, who is living with a foster family. There is nothing at all out there.
So I decided to write one myself!
Its an introduction to our family-his forever family- and each page has a bit about each family member, and I asked each person, what they would like to do with Linlin when he comes home, and I wrote it out. (lily said she wants to show him the train set)! Also it talks about traveling on a plane, having a new home, and about his foster family and how important they are to all of us.

I also wrote a little book to him, just from me, about his 1st mother, his foster mother and his forever mother.
I want to get the girls to illustrate it for me.

Boy, I did all that and got groceries today!!! It's a wonder what shot of Starbucks will do! LOL


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

What a great idea about the books for Hanlin. I'm sure they will be treasured. I'll keep my fingers crossed that travel will be speedy!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is terrific! Our daughter is also from the same orphange as Lily in Chongqing. Did you happen to take any photos when you visited the SWI?

Beth Anne

BethAnneNYC said...

Oops. Did not mean to post anonymously. Sorry.

geminirn said...

Krista that is FANTASTIC news.....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!Sending positive vibes for a speedy travel date!

Chris, Tammy & the gang! said...

Definitely call or email me. I would be SO THRILLED if you were able to travel in June! Especially if we ended up there together! Our dossier is finally in Room #2 so our letter should be coming soon...let's hope so since the flights are booked!

I had Wendy over for supper tonight and she was sharing more with me about Hanlin and his foster mother. What a special boy and how lucky you are to be his new mommy!!

Take care....we'll chat soon!!


Sheila said...

What great news!! I have everything crossed for a JUNE travel!!! I love the book idea, what an amazing mom you are Krista. All 4 of you kids are very fortunate to have you. Oh oh ok and Frank too!!*LOL*

Oh and XZ sends one for the girls too!!

Erin said...

I am so honoured to know you, I hope you know that lady... You keep inspiring me... Just wish we didn't live so dang far apart!! big hugs

Jamie and Angela said...

Wow!! It would be so exciting if you could travel in June! The book is such a great idea, you are so creative!

LadyBug Journals said...

I just know that you'll be heading there in June ...
( I'm a bit psychic ...or is that psychotic ?? )

Just Us Girls said...

AWESOME!!! Wonderful and exciting news!!!!!
I will keep my fingers, eyes, nose, toes and whatever else crossed LOL!!!
Here's hoping for a JUNE travel!!

Big hugs from us to you